It’s weekend! We decided to come up with some easy-to-digest content for the weekend, as you’ve probably been doing enough reading all week. From now on, we will publish our Weekend Watch Lists feature every weekend, to show you overviews with information about the consumer watch market. Our overviews are based on data from on-line watch consumers. Per list we will indicate the countries from which we used the data, as this will vary to keep it interesting. It will be interesting to see how much taste in watches can differ per country and continent. Data is retrieved from, watch market research company that operates under the flag of Ebner Verlag (publishing house of magazines like WatchTime, Uhren Magazine, Chronos etc.).

This week, we’ll show you an overview of the Top 10 divers watches, based on the demand from the United States as well as from Europe. The criteria for a divers watch in these Top 10 divers watches overviews, are a water resistance of at least 200 meters.

As you can see in the overview below, it is relatively predictable. The Rolex Submariner is positioned on rank 1 for both the USA and Europe where Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean can be found at rank 2 in this Top 10 Divers watches overview. Then, the lists start to vary a bit although a number of models are the same, but on different positions. In Europe, we see that the Oris Aquis and Longines HydroConquest have a spot in the Top 10 while they are not in the Top 10 divers watches from the USA. Instead, we see that the demand for Breitling divers watches is a bit stronger in the USA and Ulysse Nardin also deserves a spot with their Maxi Marine Diver. Chronolytics selected the demand for new watches only, so no pre-owned or vintage models were part of this analysis. That might be an interesting search for another Weekend Watch List though. We thought it was also interesting to see that the Rolex Deepsea gets a fair bit of appreciation.

Top 10 Divers Watches

We found it interesting that there isn’t an IWC or Panerai in these Top 10 overviews. We asked about this and were informed that although Panerai and IWC are certainly brands with high demand, the Top 10 overview is dominated by only a few different brands (6 different brands for Europe, 5 for the USA) that seem to perform a bit better when it comes to divers watches. If there would be a brand Top 10 overview, we were told that Panerai would be positioned 5 in the USA for example, but the demand for the specific Ulysse Nardin model was higher than the demand for the different Panerai models. In the USA, the Top 10 brands for divers watches (> 200 meters WR) would like this: 1. Breitling, 2. Omega, 3. Rolex, 4. TAG Heuer, 5. Panerai, 6. Ulysse Nardin, 7. Citizen, 8. Sinn, 9. Tudor and 10. Oris.

To make it a bit more interesting for our readers, we asked whether we could have the same overview but now with a cap on both €2000 Euro and $2000 USD (~ € 1836 Euro). This will rule out the usual suspects from Rolex, Omega and Breitling.

Top 10 Divers Watches Below 2000

Omega with the Seamaster 300 M (quartz) and Breitling with the Colt are still represented in the Top 10 divers watches lists for the USA and Europe. TAG Heuer still performs very well in both parts of the world concerning divers watches below 2000 Euro/USD. It might be awkward to see the Casio G-Shock ending up higher than the Omega Seamaster 300 M in the overview for Europe, but this might be due to the fact that the demand for the cheaper (Casio) watch is a bit higher in this overview. Keep in mind that price is one of the most important aspects when people are searching for a watch. It is also interesting to see that Sinn deserves a spot in the USA with their U1 while we don’t find this Sinn in the overview for Europe (where Germany has a big stake in the number of on-line consumers that are being tracked). For Europe, it is remarkable to see the Seiko Prospex models to deserve a spot in the Top 10 Divers Watches.

Next weekend we’re back with another WWL! Suggestions are welcome!