With the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect gift for the stylish woman in your life. Imagine this: a Christmas tree, a velvety wine, twinkling lights, and… Wait… What’s missing from this scene?

Watches, of course! And lots of them! Christmas is always the perfect time to treat yourself and your loved ones, and 2020 is no exception. This year we have seen many exciting launches. Which of them will conquer your loved one’s heart during this magical season? We’ve got a few suggestions for you in this, the best Christmas gifts for women who love watches. 

Omega Tresor Ladies Moonshine Gold

Omega Trésor Moonshine Gold for the Romantic Business Woman

Two years ago, Omega introduced the ladies Trésor. Today this model has many faces — from colorful, eye-popping variations to full gold pieces. For my Christmas buying guide, I have decided to choose the one which I have had the pleasure of wearing. This contemporary cocktail watch is a perfect gift for a person in your life who loves startling concepts. Omega, by mixing the Moonshine gold Trésor alongside a white rubber strap, has proved that just one powerful trait can make the timepiece all that more exciting. 

For a long time, I have admired Trésor for its beautifully sleek appearance and its way of arranging 38 diamonds on its streamlined case. However, when I saw Trésor on a rubber strap I immediately fell head over heels in love. This statement contrast makes the design both unconventional and modern.

The 36mm case looks simply stunning on a woman’s wrist; it’s both visible and very comfortable. The white dial accentuates the Moonshine gold, the oversized Roman numerals, and the slim circled hands, whilst also carrying Omega’s quartz caliber 4061 movement. The price for this Moonshine gold beauty is $9,400.

Pasha de Cartier Women watch

Cartier Pasha for the Woman Who Has Everything

There’s something about personalized romantic gifts. Cartier, well-known for its characteristic cases, has just released the contemporary version of Pasha de Cartier. The watch we all know from the ‘80s was made so as to be customized; so the enthusiasts of the French Maison will not be disappointed with its reedition. 

Cartier’s bespoke game starts with the secret initials that can be hidden behind a signature-chained crown cover. But that’s not the only way to make the watch just that little bit extra thoughtful. Also, the new clasp has been designed to carry an engraving, along with the caseback. In addition, the new Pasha has a QuickSwitch bracelet and strap changing system, which means that your woman can have as many straps as she wants and change them just by pushing the buttons that are perfectly integrated with the bracelet.

I must admit that the round, 35mm case with the diamond-pave bezel is extremely feminine The dial features Arabic numerals, a silver flinqué dial with a strong square in the middle, and signature blued-steel hands. I find the combination of warm pink gold with icy diamonds, the silvery dial, and blue accents glamorous, captivating, and very easy to style. At its heart, Pasha carries a caliber 1847 MC — an in-house movement with a 42-hour power reserve. Nevertheless, I think the strongest attribute here is the complimentary personalization service that goes beyond Cartier’s clients’ expectations. This kind of Cartier’s will cost you $38,500 for a pink gold watch with a diamond-pave bezel.

Piaget Limelight Gala Automatic Ladies

Piaget Limelight Gala Automatic for the Timeless Lady

Another timepiece that stole my heart this year was Piaget’s Limelight Gala Automatic. With the shift in female clientele’s needs, Piaget has finally decided to create its iconic model with an automatic 501P movement. This movement can generate a power reserve of 43 hours. If the woman in your life is looking to add something glamorous and timeless to her watch and jewelry collection, then the white gold Limelight Gala with its upgraded movement is an ideal option! 

Beyond any doubt, the 32mm, oblong case with its 62 brilliant-cut diamonds is an extravagant choice. For me, the symmetrical lugs, the textured white dial, and the applied Roman numerals are some of the girliest features I have ever seen grace my wrist. In stark contrast to the monochromatic face, the Limelight Gala comes with a black alligator leather strap. I must confess that the white base not only adds a subtle glow, but it also makes this watch a little more future-proof than more…shall we say outlandish color schemes (see below for a prime example). The price for an automatic Limelight Gala is $37,200.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31 Ladies for Christam Buying Guide

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31 for the Stylish Watch Geek 

Ho, ho, ho. This is really something. This Holiday season’s favorite gifts may be coral-red. If your paramour already loves watches, then Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31 will be ideal for her. The coral-red Oyster Perpetual is not only incredibly festive, but it is also a mature, niche proposition for a woman with more than one daily beater in her stable already.

Unquestionably, the Oyster Perpetual’s dial is a Christmas eye-catcher. It masterfully accents the sporty but very versatile design. The case measures 31mm in diameter and comes with a domed bezel. The Oyster bracelet with its flat three-piece link construction is a classic. It’s made of Oystersteel and it will sit snugly even on pretty petite wrists. Definitely, the watch has an effortless edge and is very modern. When it comes to functionality, we have the self-winding caliber 2232 with a power reserve of up to 55 hours taking care of business. The price for this festive-red Rolex is $5,600.

Wolf watch winder with jewellery box

Jewelry Box with Winder for Every Woman on Your List

I think that where we store our jewelry tells more about us than we think. Jewelry (and watch) boxes reflect our relation to items we have, our personalities, marital status, or even our well-being. So the perfect Christmas gift for a woman might be a stunning jewelry box for treasuring her items. 

Finding an appealing and customized jewelry box with compartments for watches is no easy task. Nevertheless, Wolf has cottoned on to the growing demand for ultra-feminine boxes for both watches and jewelry. The family-owned, British brand has just released a collection for ladies with enough space for timepieces. The winder/jewelry box combo will ably serve the woman who treasures her treasures. The rose-gold leather unit is lined with LusterLoc fabric (which will preserve the longevity of your jewelry/watches for up to 35 years). Matching rose-gold-toned hardware is a nice touch. The Palermo single winder features one winding module, one watch compartment, 10 ring rolls, and space for 10 necklaces/bracelets. The retail price for this rose gold winder is $599.

Travel watch case Wolf Christmas Buying Guide

Travel case for watches for the Travel Obsessive

Feminine travel cases for watches are even harder to find than jewelry boxes with compartments for watches. Wolf, in the very same collection, offers a watch box for six timepieces. For me, carrying a six-piece watch box for short mountain trips is overkill. However, Wolf does have some cool, effectively unisex, travel cases but in the men’s section. A watch roll made of cowhide leather will cost you $109. If your partner has a brand she cherishes, then checking what a brand offers besides the watches might be the prudent thing to do. 

Wolf watch box Christmas Buying Guide

For the Fashion Lover…

My Christmas buying guide wouldn’t be complete without straps. Straps for women have a different purpose than they do for men. We have them as a game-changing styling tool that might completely transform our watch, or simply make a statement in conjunction with or in contrast to our outfit. Any iconic timepiece can be automatically upgraded with a new strap, thick or thin, suede or canvas, shouty or subtle. Whatever your style, there is something out there for you. 

The situation with straps is identical to the one with boxes. No brand creates straps purely for ladies’ watches, but luckily there are various custom-made options. Once a month, Balazs takes a closer look at the coolest strap brands in his monthly column Watch Strap Review. Check it out there for a truly bespoke service! I happen to have 2 leather straps — Omega’s leather nato strap with satin-brushed effect for my Speedmaster 38 and Speedmaster Reduced, and a grey satin-brushed leather strap for my Ladymatic. You can easily get a strap from a brand your woman loves or opt for something customized. Don’t forget to wrap it nicely! Merry Christmas, guys. and let us know what you are planning to get for the one you love!