Fratello On Air is getting ready for the holidays! In this episode, Balazs and Mike talk about holiday watches and gifts sure to please almost any watch lover. Enjoy!

Yes, we are firmly in the season of giving, receiving, or buying for ourselves! Therefore, we’re here to discuss some of our favorite watches that debuted in 2022. Alongside these holiday watches, we’ve also decided to mention some watch-adjacent gifts that will delight you. Stick around and tune in for another fun episode of Fratello On Air!

MING 27.02 Hands On Watch 18

Handgelenks Kontrolle

After some brief discussion on travel (in which Mike reveals that London, despite all the news, is not a war zone), we get to the Handgelenks Kontrolle. Balazs is wearing his pre-Moon Speedmaster on a Forstner Flat Link bracelet. We talk about Forstner and its great products for watch lovers. Mike is wearing a very different type of watch, the MING 27.02 on a blue Alcantara strap. He wore it all weekend in London as a fun but less flashy option.

Holiday watches and gifts

For our main event, it’s time to mention some holiday watches and gifts. Our choices run the gamut from inexpensive to dear, but there’s hopefully something here for everyone. We go back and forth, alternating between watches and items, and we mention:

  • The Nivada Grenchen Valjoux 23, a piece with a NOS column-wheel movement.
  • Grand Seiko SBGW283, a gorgeous watch that Thor, our very own God of Thunder, purchased!
  • The Joseph Bonnie Star 69 leather strap, something that Balazs has fallen in love with and swears Mike would enjoy.
  • Zeiss Head Loupe, a tool that helps with battery changes or strap adjustments and will scare your significant other.
  • The Doxa Army in bronze and green, a watch that Balazs hasn’t forgotten since trying it a few months ago.
  • Serica 5303 in blue, a diver that Mike has been eyeing ever since it debuted in June.
  • An inexpensive but utile 40-slot felt watch case that Balazs has found on AliExpress for less than €16!
  • The Manfrotto Befree GT XPro tripod for macro photos, an amazing piece of kit that can help with flat-lay shots.

We hope you enjoyed today’s show! If you have any suggestions for future episodes, please feel free to let us know!