This week, Fratello On Air is back with another listener-inspired show topic. We’ll talk about the three watches that each of us would save from a burning house. Don’t worry, we’ll keep things light since a real fire is no joke. Of course, expect a bit of banter up front as we work up to the main theme.

A fire at home is a terrible thought, so feel free to insert an emergency that would require a near-instantaneous choice of three watches from the collection. No more or no less can be taken. Of course, the family and pets are safe, so it’s fine to focus on your prized possessions. We’ll set a couple of rules below to help ensure we get to our absolute favorites.

Handgelenks Kontrolle

Before discussing the three watches that we would choose above all others, we turn to some brief banter. Never fear; we’re going to do our best to keep it to 10 minutes! Balazs mentions a great book called Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising (A Sneaker Freaker Book). He then mentions two television shows named Gangs of London and Godless. Mike brings up the Mayor of Kingstown. As far as our wristwear, Mike is wearing a relatively new acquisition, the ’30s Movado Curviplan. Balazs is sporting his gorgeous vintage Sinn Excelsior Park chronograph. It was the perfect watch for his recent visit to Sinn HQ.

three watches we'd save from a burning house Omega Speedmaster Transitional

The three watches we’d save

It’s a tough topic to think about, but if we had to save three watches in our respective collections, what would we choose? Before we get to it, though, we are excluding any family-heirloom watches if they aren’t selected. The choices were tough, and some familiar names made the list. A couple of surprises come along, though.



What watches in your collection would you grab in a pinch?

Thanks again to one of our listeners for suggesting this fun topic, and thanks to everyone for listening. If you have ideas for future show topics, please feel free to let us know!