Welcome, one and all, to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, RJ, Morgan, and your host Nacho gather around the mics to discuss gold and two-tone watches. Each has a different level of experience and many opinions regarding the topic. RJ is a bit of a gold-watch connoisseur, owning more than a couple of 18K heavy hitters. Nacho has dabbled in gold but has never dared to go two-tone (yet). And Morgan has not yet owned a watch with precious metal at all. However, he certainly seems ready to enter the world of gold and two-tone watches.

But before we jump into it, it’s time for a quick wrist check!

gold and two-tone watches Rolex Day-Date 18238

Wrist check

We kick things off with RJ, who is wearing plenty of gold on his wrist. No, not in the form of his Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. Today, it’s the Rolex Day-Date 18238. If ever there were a quintessential gold watch, this is the one. Tony Soprano knew it, just as many other iconic figures over the years did too. It’s a classic!

Next, Morgan is wearing his Serica 5303. The microbrand “Diver Deluxe” is a watch as stylish and as French as the man himself. However, as with the rest of his collection, there are no precious metals to be found. As you can tell, there is definitely a spark of curiosity in Morgan’s eye. Will his next watch be a dressy gold piece? It’s not likely, but you never know!

gold and two-tone watches Chronographe Suisse

Finally, we have Nacho, who is also representing Team Gold by wearing his Chronographe Suisse. This vintage piece (likely from the 1940s) features a 37.5mm 18K pink gold case. Not the thickest case ever, it employs several cost-cutting methods, such as hollow lugs and a very thin outer case back with an extra inner layer of metal to keep the gold from denting. Still, it’s a classic two-register chronograph in great condition with a Landeron 48 movement still going strong inside.


Gold and two-tone watches

As mentioned, RJ is the master of precious metals here at Fratello. His collection contains well over a good handful of gold and two-tone watches. These include the Breguet Tradition, the aforementioned Speedy and Day-Date, as well as his modern and vintage Omega Constellations. Even the Ebel Sport Classic Chronograph, his latest purchase, is a two-tone classic. When talking two-tone, Morgan points out that his Explorer “technically” qualifies (even though the hands and indexes are made of white gold). It’s another classic from Rolex, and RJ and Nacho agree that this timeless watch should remain untouched in steel. Morgan, however, seems to be warming up to the two-tone version introduced by Rolex a little while back. For now, though, the steel version remains on his wrist.

And in case you’re thinking that gold watches are unaffordable, take Nacho’s advice. There are plenty of vintage options for adding gold to your collection. Both his Chronographe Suisse and his Tissot from 1959 cost him under €500. Plus, there are plenty of good options from brands like Doxa, Alpina, Juvenia, and the like that make adding a classically sized dress watch in gold to your collection realistic.

Finally, the guys touch upon other precious metals and exotic two-tone concoctions, from Daan’s stunning white gold Breguet Classique 5907 to RJ’s tri-tone Seamaster chronograph. One thing is clear: we are all into mixing metals! For now, we’d love to hear your thoughts on gold and two-tone watches. Do you love them? If so, which are your favorites? Or can you not stand the sight of them? Either way, let us know in the comments below.