I am running out of words to describe Certina’s knack for releasing vintage-inspired dive watches. The brand just hits the nail on the head every time. It all started with the PH200M. That was a success and only the beginning of what would become the most incredible line of diver re-releases. A few years and a handful of excellent models later, we arrive at the Certina DS Super PH1000M, a remarkable diver for a fair price and in not one but two versions. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the orange-dial model, which did not cease to impress me.

I was torn between the standard black-dial version and the orange limited edition. In the end, I had to go with the rare variant. There’s just something special about that tangerine dial.

Chronological order

If we look at the modern Certina divers and compare them to their vintage counterparts, we see a chronological pattern. Certina released the DS PH200M in 2018, while the original DS PH200M is from 1967. Then came the special-edition DS Super PH500M in 2020, followed by the more classic DS Super PH500M in 2021. Initially, the DS-2 Super PH500M debuted in 1968, and then the DS-2 Super PH1000M hit the market in 1970. It was in production until 1975, and the modern counterpart of that watch is today’s hero, the new Certina DS Super PH1000M. While the vintage model saw many variants with different references, dial colors, and movements, the new one only comes in two versions (for now, at least). The black dial DS Super PH1000M is a regular production model. This orange-dial version is limited to 1,000 pieces.

DS Super PH100M

Back in the ’70s, Certina offered both black- and orange-dial variations. Aside from the dial tone, the watches looked identical. Interestingly, they even shared the same reference number. The two new Certina DS Super PH1000M models are very similar to the vintage ones in these ways. While the size and looks are the same, the dial colors are different, and this time, the reference number is different too. Another tiny detail differentiating the two versions is the “Limited Edition” text on the orange dial under the model name. Furthermore, while the black version comes on a nylon strap, the orange variant comes on a rubber one. For most enthusiasts, that’s not a make-or-break difference, but it’s worth mentioning.

DS Super PH100M

On the wrist

While it’s not a “large” timepiece per se, the new Certina DS Super PH1000M is not small at all. It boasts a 43.5mm diameter and a 14.15mm thickness. A watch that is water resistant to 1,000 meters needs to have a sturdy case, so there are no surprises here. Still, thanks to the overall design of the case, the piece does not feel extremely large on the wrist, even on a rubber strap. These types of straps tend to raise the watch on the wrist a bit, making it feel thicker than it is. I did not feel this at all here. We have a 316L stainless steel case and a bezel with an aluminum insert and Super-LumiNova triangle. There is no display case back this time, but the front crystal is sapphire with an antireflective treatment on one side. Overall, the DS Super PH1000M is a comfortable diver on the wrist.

DS Super PH100M

The dial and what’s behind it

Thanks to the relatively wide case and bezel, the dial looks small, but it’s still very legible. The combo of the orange dial and white indexes and hands provides sufficient contrast, but the real estate here is also not overcrowded. There’s a date window at 3 o’clock, large Super-LumiNova-filled indices, a white sword-style hour hand, and a thinner, long red minute hand. That’s all you are getting, and you don’t need more. Of course, the white seconds hand with a lumed rectangle is also valuable. The case back is simple and classic. The legendary turtle logo is in the center, with some of the watch’s features listed all around it, including the limited-edition number. But we still need to discuss what’s inside the Certina DS Super PH1000M. That’s the Powermatic 80.611, an automatic time-only caliber with a date complication.

DS Super PH100M

If you follow Swatch Group brands, you have probably heard about the Powermatic 80 by now. The main feature of this caliber is its 80-hour power reserve. However, there are some bonuses too, such as the antimagnetic Nivachron balance spring. The ETA-produced Powermatic 80 also has 25 jewels and a 21,600vph frequency. Many Swatch Group brands use this caliber, and you can also find it in most DS Super models. While some of its features are not particularly necessary for a dive watch, they do add value to the piece.

DS Super PH100M

Final words

Like all other Certina divers in this category, the DS Super PH1000M comes in a protective case-style box. The standard black version and the orange limited edition only differ slightly in price too. If you are looking for the latter, the price is €1,100, and if you want the black-dial version, you’ll pay €1,040 (including 21% VAT). In any case, I feel that for what you’re getting, the DS Super PH1000M is a great deal. It is a historically accurate re-edition of an iconic vintage diver. Plus, it’s a watch that wears well, looks great, and won’t break the bank. The two dial variations give you some options, and with the Powermatic 80 movement inside, the DS Super PH1000M is most definitely up to par with similarly priced models from the Swatch Group and beyond. What’s not to like?

Let me know your thoughts on the Certina DS Super PH1000M in the comments section. To check out this watch and the brand’s other fantastic divers, visit the official Certina website.

Watch specifications

DS Super PH1000M Limited Edition
Orange with applied luminous indices and date window
Case Material
Stainless steel with aluminum bezel insert
Case Dimensions
43.5mm (diameter) × 14.15mm (thickness)
Sapphire with antireflective treatment on one side
Case Back
Stainless steel, screw-in
Powermatic 80.611 — automatic and hand winding, 21,600vph frequency, 80-hour power reserve, 25 jewels, antimagnetic Nivachron hairspring
Water Resistance
Black rubber (20mm width) with stainless steel pin buckle
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds), date, 60-minute dive bezel
€1,100 (including 21% VAT)
Two years
Special Note(s)
Limited to 1,000 pieces