Today, we have news of three new models that are joining the Seiko Black Series. These watches are notable for their black hard-coated cases, black dials, and green LumiBrite Pro detailing. Several Prospex models have been given the Black Series treatment over the past two years. Now we finally have one of the more popular dive watches as an option.

The Seiko Black Series is defined by, unsurprisingly, its absence of color on the dial and case. However, extreme contrast comes in the form of green LumiBrite Pro from additions to the hands, indexes, and bezel pips. Seiko tells us that when looking at these watches, they should create the feeling of viewing an object through night-vision equipment. Therefore, expect a highly tactical vibe. Now, Seiko has added three more of its Prospex models to the Black Series lineup, and we’ll take a brief look at each. Before that, though, let’s give a brief history of this series of watches.

Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series

The Seiko SRPC49 “Ninja Turtle” from 2018

The Seiko Black Series — some history

As we will see, Seiko has been hard at work with its Black Series of Prospex watches. The releases have come at a frantic pace, and I admit that I may have missed some! We can travel back to 2018 to find the first Black Series model, which came under the SRPC49 reference. Often called the “Ninja Turtle,” this limited-edition model created quite a stir when it was released. Secondhand examples still sell for over the €450 retail price today. While it was called the Black Series, the design was very different from today’s models. It had “fauxtina” and an orange minute hand.

The 2020 Seiko Black Series models

In 2020, Seiko delivered three more Black Series watches, including a Prospex Solar chronograph (3,500 pieces), a Sumo (7,000 pieces), and even a Marinemaster 300 (600 pieces).

black orange dive watch

The 6L35-powered Black Series models from 2022

In 2022, the brand kept this orange and black theme with three more limited Prospex divers. Three 6R35-powered Modern Re-interpretation dive watches (the Willard, 62MAS, and 6159) came as editions of 5,500 pieces each. An 8L35-powered Willard was also issued as a 1,000-piece edition.

The May 2022 Seiko Black Series releases

2022 — shifting the Black Series to the current theme

In May 2022, Seiko changed course with the Black Series and moved away from the black and orange theme to the current green and black combination. The launch came with a solar diver (6,000 units), a Samurai (8,000 units), and a Tortoise (7,000 units).

The February 2023 SLA067

Then, in February 2023, Seiko added a high-end 62MAS modern recreation to the Black Series. The SLA067 was limited to just 600 pieces and came with a uniquely textured dial.

The May 2023 Black Series releases

Finally, in May 2023, Seiko came with two more additions to its Black Series. An Alpinist on a bracelet is limited to 5,500 pieces, and a “slim Willard” or “Turtle Origin” model is limited to 4,500 pieces.

Seiko Black Series SRPK43 King Turtle and SSC923 Solar Speedtimer

The latest Seiko Black Series additions

Now that we’ve walked through the history of the Seiko Black Series, it’s time to add more models to the catalog. As we’ll see, the newest references don’t stray far from the last models that were released. However, for the first time that I can tell, two of the models are not listed as limited editions. All three models in focus today will be available globally in February.

Seiko Black Series SRPK43 King Turtle

The SRPK43 “King Turtle”

The first new addition is the Seiko SRPK43 “King Turtle,” and it is not a limited edition. This is a 200m-rated stainless steel Prospex diver with a black hard coating. It comes on a bracelet and features a sapphire crystal with an antireflective treatment. The King Turtle is 45mm in diameter and has a 47.7mm lug-to-lug. At 13.2mm thick, the profile is also reasonable for a dive watch. The watch uses the tried-and-true 4R36 automatic movement, which has a 41-hour power reserve. As far as pricing, the SRPK43 will retail for €780 or £690. Additional information can be found on the official Seiko site.

I’ll go ahead and say that the SRPK43 is the favorite of all the watches we’ll cover today. It has the cleanest design and looks like something I’d wear. I must admit that I miss the older Turtle design without the day window, but it’s clear that Seiko has pushed this model upmarket with its sapphire crystal. Of course, I’d like to see a movement with a greater power reserve, and frankly, I’d drop the bracelet in favor of a silicone strap. Still, this is the outright winner for me.

Seiko Black Series SSC923 Solar Speedtimer

The SSC923 Solar Speedtimer

The next new addition to the Seiko Black Series is the SSC923 Solar Speedtimer. Like the King Turtle, this is not designated as a limited edition. This Prospex model also uses a black hard-coated stainless steel case in combination with a sapphire crystal. The 41.4 × 45.9mm watch is water resistant to 10 bar (~100 meters). It uses the brand’s V192 solar-powered chronograph movement, which has a power reserve of six months on a full charge. There is a date function, 60-minute and 24-hour counters, and a power reserve indicator. It will come solely on a 21mm nylon strap with a folding buckle (I see a similar reference for the USA market known as the SSC917). This watch will retail for €700 or £620. Additional information is available about the SSC923 on the official Seiko site.

Seiko Black Series SSC923 Solar Speedtimer

There’s a lot to like about these Solar Speedtimer models. The design is clean, and while Seiko claims that it takes inspiration from its vintage 6139 chronographs, there’s also a lot of Daytona here. That’s all positive, and the solar movement makes this a fuss-free watch in all aspects.

Seiko Black Series SPB433 Sumo

The SPB433 “Sumo”

The last new edition to the Seiko Black Series is a limited-edition “Sumo” of 3,500 pieces. The SPB433 is a 200m-rated dive watch and comes with a bracelet, sapphire crystal, and ceramic bezel. It’s certainly a larger watch with its 45mm diameter and 52.6mm lug-to-lug distance. The thickness is still in the realm of reasonable at 13.4mm. As a slightly higher-end Prospex model, this watch features the 6R35 automatic movement with a 70-hour power reserve. Whereas the prior two models feature matte dials, the SPB433 has a dark gray dial with a rougher surface. The price of entry for this watch is €1,300 or £1,100, and additional details are available on the official Seiko website.

Seiko Black Series SPB433 Sumo

Admittedly, this Sumo also looks slick and is my second favorite of the bunch. The ceramic bezel gives off an expensive vibe, and I like the Oyster-style black bracelet. Honestly, when I compare this to the 2020 Black Series Sumo with its orange detailing, the SPB433 is so much crisper. Seiko calls this a limited edition, but 3,500 pieces should make it easy to find at your local retailer.

Seiko Black Series SPB433 Sumo

Parting thoughts on the new Seiko Black Series

All-black watches tend to be polarizing pieces. Some love them for their sporty, tactical aura. Others find them too casual and limiting as a daily watch. I think it all depends on one’s use case. I do think, though, that with these latest Black Series models, Seiko has given buyers and collectors some genuinely attractive watches. They’re not fussy, and the color combination works well. It’s also a good move to make two of the watches a special edition rather than limited. I haven’t purchased a new Seiko in quite a while, but the King Turtle is quietly calling to me. Having it as a pairing with my original Ninja Turtle might be more temptation than I can resist. What are your thoughts on these latest releases?