Last night, part of the Fratello team made its way up to Amsterdam to join the opening celebration of the new Swatch boutique. Located at 42 P.C. Hoofstraat, the 100m² retail space sits in the heart of Amsterdam’s luxury retail street. This is Swatch’s fourth retail space in the Netherlands. The boutique opened on the 29th of July and has already welcomed hundreds of customers, drawn in by the vast, colorful lobby and selection of equally bold timepieces on display. This first area of the boutique prominently features a piece of art called Stargazer’s Canal. Designed by Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, it’s comprised of sixteen 3D-printed ceramic canal houses. Their roofs made of clouds are decorated with planets and stars combined with the facades’ Delft’s blue floral patterns. It’s a uniquely youthful take on a traditional Dutch motif.

We entered the glass doors of the boutique, flanked by the MoonSwatch collection on the right side and the brand new WHAT IF? models on the left. Delving deeper into the space, you descend three steps down “below sea level” into a subtly underwater-themed area. Finally, at the end of the boutique, a glass conservatory roof with a garden view lets in plenty of natural light. Bigger than most, this new Swatch boutique is truly a fantastic space in a premium location. The atmosphere was open and welcoming, with excited guests enjoying hands-on time with all the latest Swatch models. Some were even lucky enough to walk out after purchasing their MoonSwatch of choice. Take a look at our pictures from the event below. And if you find yourself in Amsterdam, make sure to go check it out.

(All photos by: Morgan Saignes)

The new Swatch boutique in Amsterdam: photo report

A view of Stargazer’s Canal in the boutique’s main lobby

The new WHAT IF? collection on display

A selection of the available MoonSwatch models

Double-wristing Swatch watches

Nacho wearing his 1992 Swatch “Grand Prix” SCJ101

Watch spotting

We couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to do some watch spotting at the boutique. Here are some of the highlights of what we saw:

Friend of the show, Barry (Bernard Werk), rocking the MoonSwatch Mission To Neptune

Fratello’s own Gerard, wearing his 1998 Swatch Irony Scuba 200 ‘Vortex Obscure’ (YDS4001)

On the wrist: the new Swatch WHAT IF? in khaki green

A nicely paired MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto

The recently released Swatch Reverie by Roy Lichtenstein (SO28Z117) from the Art Journey 2023 collection

Nacho wasn’t the only one wearing a Swatch Grand Prix SCJ101

A well-loved Swatch Irony

RJ wearing his Moonshine gold Speedmaster 310. — the envy of Moonwatch and MoonSwatch alike