Photo Essay: A Benzinger 6497 Skeleton

Ming Thein
September 01, 2011
Photo Essay: A Benzinger 6497 Skeleton

One of Benzinger’s specialities are their skeletonized and fully engraved watches; they obviously have no dial (nor do they need one) to best show off all of the details. The owner of this piece related an anecdote – he passed it on to a fellow collector, quite well known in horological circles, for his opinion on the finishing. He asked for a loupe and examined the watch – then seconds later, replied ‘I can’t tell at all, the entire damn thing is engraved!’

Mechanically, it’s a fairly standard Unitas movement (aside from the elaborate decoration, of course). Not a lot else to say about this one, other than enjoy the photos. Click images for larger.


_7045350 copy

_7045452 copy

_7045389 copy

_7045368 copy

_7045414 copy

_7045471 copy

_7045379 copy

_7045460 copy

_7045590bw copy

_7045356 copy


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