In Episode 12 of our Fratello on Air podcast we try to take our minds off the Coronavirus a bit and focus on some rediscovered watches and other forms of distraction. However, we do share some words on it, of course, but mainly how it affects our private lives.

The main topic of this podcast, though, is the analysis of the watches we recently rediscovered. Home Office and not traveling (or the combination of these two) has given us the opportunity to reflect a bit on our own watch collections. Both Mike and I selected two watches that we plucked from our collection in these trying times.

After the mandatory wrist check (see below), Michael and RJ discuss these topics in this 50-minute podcast. Our Fratello on Air podcast can be played via AppleSoundcloudSpotifyGoogle Podcast, and Buzzsprout.

Handgelenk Kontrolle (wrist check)

The watches we are talking about in this Fratello on Air podcast, are the following:

Oak & Oscar Olmsted 38, as reviewed in this article.

I am wearing the Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 “Rising Sun” during the podcast, as described in this article. It has the discontinued reference 1479 bracelet from the 1990s fitted to it.

Rediscovered Watches

As we’re talking about some of the watches that we rediscovered, below you will find some images of the watches we discuss. Mike kicks off with this Doxa Searambler 300 (no T) and talks about his DIY restoration of the bezel.

I selected my Chronoswiss Regulateur Automatique, a watch that I’ve owned since late 2000 and was produced in 1993. One of the earlier models, but already with the self-winding Enicar based movement. The really early 1980s Regulator models had a hand-wound movement. Below, my old 1993 Regulateur next to a modern interpretation.

Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Regulator

Mike’s other watch he talks is the Seiko diver below, with reference 6215-7000 from 1967. The first Seiko diver with 300m water resistance. Mike had it restored recently by James from Belgium, and enjoys wearing it (again).

Last but not least, I recently took out this Seamaster 300M Chronograph Diver (2296.80) from my bank safe. I bought it a few years ago, after hunting one for a long time, but it ended up in the safe in the end. This watch dates back from 1994 (originally introduced in 1993), and was a heavy hitter with its titanium, tantalum and rose gold materials.

Omega Seamaster 300M

Thanks for listening to our podcast and reading these show notes. We hope it took your minds off the coronavirus for a little while.  If you have a question for our upcoming podcast, drop us note via email.