The Sinn U50 S BS is a limited-edition take on the highly successful U50 diver. By the time you read this, it will likely be gone — at least from Sinn’s official site. Still, I think it’s worth taking a look if only to get some hints about what could come next.

It seems that Sinn was successful with this year’s novelties. Then again, there were just 1,600 pieces of the colorful 556, 500 EZM 1.1 S models, and now just 500 of today’s Sinn U50 S BS. A quick jaunt to the brand’s official site shows that all of the watches are sold out online, but retail partners may have some in stock. Let’s see why this new U50 moved so quickly.

Sinn U50 S BS Watch 4

The Sinn U50 S BS

Perhaps it’s surprising, but the Sinn U50 S BS was the first U50 model I had ever tried on. It has a 41mm diameter, a thickness of just 11.15 mm, and a lug-to-lug of 46.75mm. The new S BS (that “BS” nomenclature is interesting, by the way) brings all those lovely dimensions in a slightly new package. The original is available in an all-stainless version (pictured above), one with a black bezel, and an all-black model. All contain a black dial and range from €1,990 to €2,730 and utilize the Sellita SW300-1.

Sinn U50 S BS Watch 6

The Sinn U50 S BS features a black hard-coated case using Tegimented technology. Note that the black bezel differs from the normal production model because it lacks any red on its scale. The dial is a blue gradient style and everything that is normally red is now either white or black. The 500m diver comes on either a black silicone strap with divers extension or a black bracelet.

Sinn U50 S BS Watch 5

Thoughts and pricing

Normally, I’m not a fan of all-black watches. I don’t find them incredibly useful for daily wear because they give off a real tactical vibe. For whatever reason, Sinn is one of the few brands that can seemingly pull off the look and leave me interested. I do like the normal U50 like the one above, but the dark blue dial on the U50 S BS actually made the watch feel “warmer.” I was surprised by that in person, but it definitely works. This watch begins life at €2,450 with an extra cost for the bracelet. Now, limited editions are exactly that — limited. The good thing is that watch is based upon what must be one of the best, most comfortable — and available — dive watches around.

For more information on the Sinn U50 S BS and other U50 models, visit the official Sinn site.