Who knew that Swatch still had that circa ’90s FOMO swagger? Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from our friends. In this case, Omega stepped in with an 11-part stonker. I’m writing this prior to the official sale date of the MoonSwatch, but it’s safe to say that these watches are hits! I’m never one to stop at the current, though, so let’s talk about what Swatch collab could be next.

Ah, Swatch… As a dorky teenager, I was certifiably hooked on these fun and often colorful plastic watches from Switzerland. I still remember the lady, Marguerite, who ran the accessories area at the Boca Town Center Bloomingdales. Yes, it’s true that I had a bit of a nerdy crush, but she was super friendly. As I began buying more and more Swatch watches from her, she’d take down the ones I wanted from the newest catalogs and hold them for me. She’d even call when something special arrived — I have some sort of Magic Johnson Swatch collab alarm from that period. Of course, I graduated on to other watches, but Swatch has always held a special place in my heart.

Swatch, my first watch crush

For me, Swatch watches are special for so many reasons. On a basic level, they’re seriously durable and they get the job done. Also, they’re “classless” in the sense that no one looks up or down at a Swatch. Finally, season after season, Swatch comes out with loads of affordable pop art for the people — all at accessible prices! They’re hard not to love and as such, I’ve picked up a few Swatches in the last decade or so to add to my collection of, ahem, 70+ from the ’90s. Yes, I was certifiable with that part-time Publix grocery store money somehow finding its way back to Switzerland! These days, I’ve tried to hold back because I just don’t need to go down that rabbit hole. But of course, this was before the emergence of the MoonSwatch.

Mission on Earth

The Mission models are likely only the first Swatch collab

Those of you who have grown up with Swatch will take away a couple of things about the brand. Firstly, it doesn’t release new case designs so frequently. Secondly, when Swatch does release a new case, the brand doesn’t walk away from it quickly. Using those observations, I think it’s safe to say that the MoonSwatch will be here for quite some time, and I think we will see plenty of new models and designs over the next few years. If Swatch follows its typical method, these first 11 Mission watches will ultimately end their mission and make way for new designs. So, if you’re not sure all 11 are for you, maybe keep that powder dry in anticipation for orange, purple, clear, and who knows what other funkiness! I also see the MoonSwatch as a great platform for more Swatch collab ideas with other partners (here’s hoping one of those partners is us!).

Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch Mission to Mars

Will the Speedy be the only Swatch collab?

You can call me impatient at times because enjoying the moment can be a challenge. Aside from thinking about the MoonSwatch models to come, my head went to some much larger Swatch collab categories. I thought about other Omega models and then I went way out there and daydreamed about the entire Swatch Group! The opportunities are endless! With that in mind, though, I’d like to put forward a few suggestions for models that would make great collabs. Please, Swatch boutique staffers, don’t hate if you see your life becoming an endless pattern of people lined up outside your shop, frothing at the mouth for the latest releases.

The Omega × Swatch Seamaster 300 “SwiM”

Ok, maybe my naming needs some work, but could you imagine a Bioceramic Seamaster 300M?!? Before we get to that, it was way back in 1990 that Swatch brought out its Scuba 200. I was right there, and these watches were sweet! They were lightweight, durable, and still kept to the Swatch design ethos. Swatch even brought out a chronograph version several years later that I picked up in Europe on a high-school trip! So, the bottom line is that Swatch knows how to make a dive watch. Shifting back to the collaboration discussion, let your mind wander around a lithe, quartz-powered rendition of the fan-favorite 300M. This watch would be amazing!

Plus, for those of us who aren’t in love with the helium valve on today’s Seamaster 300M, I’d doubt that such technology would make its way to an affordable Swatch collab, and yes, water-resistance might be stuck at 200 meters. But, for a watch that will see pool and vacation dive duty, who cares? Consider a black-cased model with a black dial, stark white lume, and bright strap — sign me up!

Rado Captain Cook Ceramic EMBRGO.010

The Rado × Swatch Captain Cook

Yes, that’s right, I’m departing from Omega and moving over to another SwatchGroup brand — Rado. Rado has long embraced funky, futuristic designs. Recently, the brand has also brought in some rather colorful, almost Swatch-like pieces with the True Square Designer collection. However, I’d like to suggest the Captain Cook for “Swatchification” consideration! Whether one considers the more modern 43mm pieces or the retro 37mm releases, I think these would make great Swatch collab candidates for several reasons.

Rado seems to be gaining in popularity, and a tie-up with Swatch might actually help bring its name forward as a cool, hip brand that offers forward-thinking styling. Next, just think of that arena-style bezel in all sorts of wild Bioceramic colors — yes!  Finally, as stated, Rado is no stranger to color, so this feels like a natural move.

The Hamilton × Swatch Khaki Field

Now, some of the Swatch collab ideas you’ll read here are far-fetched (okay, all of them are pipe dreams… I think), but a Swatch play on the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical would be ace! Sure, to keep prices down and more in the realm of what a Swatch offers, I think quartz would be more appropriate. Still, using the existing design and pairing it with a number of colors from serene to funky feels like a bonafide hit. For comparison’s sake, consider that a resin Timex Mk1 with a very similar design is almost always sold out online.

At 38mm in a lightweight case, the “Swamilton” (ouch) would be a fabulous alternative to a Timex with a bit of Swiss American heritage to boot. Plus, this one could really come in with a sweet sub-€100 price tag. I’ll take mine with an army green case and black dial sans date, please.

The Tissot × Swatch PRX

One of the hottest affordable and easy-to-get watches around is the Tissot PRX. Tissot has taken the world’s re-found love for integrated bracelet watches and returned with a genuinely good watch that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, the watch isn’t a copycat because it has its roots in a watch that Tissot actually produced in the ’70s. Why not strike while the iron is hot and add some Swatch magic to create the SwRX (perhaps that sounds like a neighborhood pharmacy in an upcoming Blade Runner world)?

I’ll admit that a Bioceramic bracelet might prove a bit challenging for this Swatch collab, but I’d gladly consider colorful rubber as a choice. Heck, Maurice Lacroix has just dropped its colorful quartz Aikon #Tide, and this could be in the same vein. Something like this could prove to be a truly fun vacation watch, while still being “in” due to its integrated nature.

The Omega x Swatch Ploprof 200M

Yes, it’s crazy time here at Fratello because a Swatch-collab spin on the Ploprof seems rather far-fetched. Still, if any watch in Omega’s history could be described as funky, weird, and functional, this is it. So, why not add some serious color? At Swatch prices, I’m obviously talking about a quartz watch with the overall styling elements from the Ploprof 600, but a less intricate crown system. I do think, however, that the bezel-lock system has a chance to be replicated on a Swatch, and the button is just one more opportunity to add color.

Just imagine those angular flanks in a color like red or white paired with a high-contrast bezel, green hands, and a blue bezel-lock button! The combinations are infinite and seriously fun. Plus, a rubber strap works perfectly on this watch. Is a 200m water-resistance rating enough for this watch? Sure it is, and I’d love wearing one.

Final thoughts on Swatch collab ideas

Hopefully, you found this article on possible Swatch collab ideas more fun than anything else. On the other hand, did we ever really see a MoonSwatch on the horizon? I know people had joked about it but thought it would result in little more than a typical Swatch chronograph with a Speedmaster dial. So, who knows? Maybe the Swatch Group will surprise us with more intra-group collaborations. What would you like to see, and what would be the best Swatch Group models from today and yesteryear to translate into the Swatch language? As always, let us know in the comments below!