The Summer Splash Quarter-Finals swim on with two unorthodox takes on classical dive watches. Tomas, who has returned from his doping infraction, takes on Mike, who has been waiting in the (water) wings. The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 battles the bronze Yema Superman GMT. After this clash, their cases may never look the same again!

We kick this knockout round off with Mike’s trusty steed. Hi-ho Silver, away!!!

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Silver 6

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

Before we jump in on my part of the Summer Splash, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 still hasn’t tarnished after three months. Thanks for asking because I get that question every stinkin’ time I post this fantastic watch on Instagram. I said it during my first round article and I said it in my hands-on review, this watch is awesome! The silver Tudor was a watch no one saw coming. When it did arrive at Watches and Wonder this year, it produced some serious head-scratching. What the hell was Rolex Jr. thinking with such an anachronistic material? How would this thing look after surviving the hardcore rigors of professional diving hot-tubbing, washing our hands with soap, and venturing out in the rain? The answer is just fine thank you very much. All the while, this piece sneaks ever closer to the black dial on stainless Sub lookalike that people want but will never get.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Silver 9

In my mind, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 is the watch we should want from Tudor. Especially if one of the stainless models is a bit too traditional. The colors really work well with a variety of strap colors and types. One can fancy this thing up with funky colors or just chuck it on a Tropic-style strap and call it a day. It was such a great vacation watch for me at the beach and the pool this Summer too. Plus, I actually liked a strap better in the heat instead of a clunky bracelet. The other point is that there’s just no denying the Rolex family resemblance. It’s oddly reassuring to look down on this watch, to experience that legendary legibility, and know that you’re wearing something a tad different.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Silver 18

When silver wins the gold — Summer Splash

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 is my Summer Splash gold medalist — in silver. This watch is genuinely interesting, more than just a bit controversial, and well made. It’s the kind of thing that a smaller brand would do and completely unexpected from the greater house of Rolex. Is it the coolest watch in this competition? We’ll have to see. Oh, and if you’ve made it this far, the Tudor still hasn’t tarnished…

Yema Superman GMT 

After the eighth consultation with my lawyers, I was advised not to publicly discuss the inexplicable watch selection for my first Summer Splash round. My eyes are still burning after the FCC (Fratello Content Committee) wanted to draw me into a champagne jacuzzi last week. But just like I did not give up and drank it all to be here today, so will the French Yema Superman GMT try the impossible and stand up to the higher-ranked Tudor.


Pale meets lively

I get that Yema is facing a tough contender and the bookkeepers see only one winner today. But let me look from a darker angle at what’s being offered as Tudor highlight. The silver was a pretty unexpected move from Tudor but look at it. With a faded bezel and an ash-like dial, the Tudor 925 looks flatter and paler than I did when I found out that my nomination for the first round was not entirely within the rules. On the contrary, with the Yema Superman GMT you have a warm bronze case, lively indexes that look like they were cast from hot liquid gold, and a contrasting black dial with amazing depth and striking red detailing.


Tudor is Tudor and I maintain all my respect for it. I admit I was considering purchasing the Tudor 925 and I still am. But I already own a Yema Superman GMT. Why? Just look at the price tag and honestly tell me who makes a bigger splash there? For slightly over €1,000 for the Superman GMT, not only do you get a diver with an unusual crown locking mechanism, but you can play around in the pool with another, quite handly GMT complication. You can also choose an aluminum bezel insert in Pepsi or blue/grey attire.

French in-house movement

I know I am fighting against a loyal and vocal Tudor fan club. If I was about to give it the last kick on how to swing your sympathies from the Tudor towards the 22 years younger Yema, I would suggest you look at the movement. Let’s not forget that Yema fitted the Superman GMT with an in-house Yema 3000 movement. And everyone who has an idea of what an investment is needed to make it happen, I call it quite an achievement. All in all, these two are incomparable watches, but that’s also the beauty of the Summer Splash competition. As we never know what detail will make you cast your vote for a particular candidate. And maybe with a bit of luck, Mike’s Tudor will be a bit tarnished at the end of this round…

Summer Splash Round Two — Mike Vs. Tomas

    Rub a dub dub, two watches in a tub