The year was 1919. The location was Grenchen, Switzerland. It was then and there that Titoni inaugurated its in-house watchmaking facilities. Through generations, the historic Swiss manufacture has been resolutely creating impeccable-value offerings destined for overseas markets. Staking its claim back on European soil in recent years, Titoni has brought us incredibly attractive styles thus far. For a century-old independent brand still assured in the hands of the founding family, fusing material tech must be done right. What comes next is the Seascoper 600 CarbonTech, one of Titoni’s most popular models in a brand new suit crafted in black carbon and ceramic.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

Family-run, Swiss, and independent

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Titoni, I touched on the background of this hidden gem in a recent review of its sleek three-handed Impetus here. But for Fratello, it all started with the heart-stealing Seascoper 600, with which both Rob and Dave had their fair shares of wrist time. Between a WOSTEP-trained watchmaker’s assessment and an avid diver’s review, the Seascoper 600 has solidly secured our seal of approval.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

600m water resistance

The “600” in the Seascoper 600’s name represents its water resistance. A dive watch built for extreme depths usually has less to do with market demand and more with the watchmaker’s ability to demonstrate its engineering prowess. However, hardcore divers who operate in deep water can rest assured that the Seascoper 600 is up to the task. Titoni has equipped the watch with a helium valve to allow pressure built up inside the watch to release during decompression. This superior design means the valve works automatically and sits discreetly on the left flank of the case.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

A technical case

We already know the Seascoper 600 has a strong build. What brings us here today is the new materials. The main body of the 42mm case is crafted in forged carbon. From lug to lug, it measures 52.17mm. Now, not all carbon cases are created equal. Forged carbon is not the same as traditional carbon fiber composites, or even more design-driven carbon techniques, for that matter. I had the chance to work directly with a master in the field (who was in charge of carbon projects at Audemars Piguet and was frustrated enough by the lack of creativity back in the day to set up his own business). This has allowed me to appreciate the different levels of technicality (and cost implications, of course) of creating carbon cases. For those who would like to understand a little more, Dave did an enlightening article about both carbon fiber and forged carbon last year to give you an idea.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

Carbon and ceramic

In the Titoni Seascoper 600 CarbonTech, this material transforms the model with a tactical makeover. This rugged tool-watch execution offers extreme toughness yet easy-wearing lightness. The grain of the carbon case is entirely random and therefore makes each watch a unique piece. Adding to the strength of the watch is the scratch-proof black ceramic bezel. The play of materials not only creates an interesting visual contrast but also serves utility purposes as intended.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

Practical features

The all-black treatment is punctuated with bezel markings in rainbow colors. It may be a pure aesthetical feature of this unidirectional rotating bezel, but the rainbow counter may prove to be somewhat of an interesting design to double up as a depth gauge (after learning how a depth-gauge dial works here).

For maximum legibility both in and out of the water, the jet-black dial features brilliant white numerals, indexes, minute markings, and text. The hands and all markers are coated with Super-LumiNova. There is also a date function that is visible via an aperture at 3 o’clock. Topping it all off is a flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatings on both sides.

In-house movement

On the back of the case is a transparent sapphire glass partially revealing the T10 in-house movement inside. Titoni has endowed all the models in the Seascoper 600 series with this automatic caliber. This COSC-certified manufacture movement is a triumph for the Swiss watchmaker in its recent history (you can read about it here). The T10 offers a minimum guaranteed power reserve of 68 hours and up to 75 hours on a full wind.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

Novelty variants

To complete the “badass” look, the Seascoper 600 CarbonTech comes with a black rubber strap and a black deployant buckle. This Rainbow model is priced at €3,000 including VAT and shipping. Titoni also offers a box set for the Seascoper 600 CarbonTech, which includes an additional eco-friendly strap upcycled from #tide ocean plastic. Both straps are durable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof.

Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow Dive Watch

In addition to the Seascoper 600 CarbonTech Rainbow, there are two variants with either blue or white accents. These are priced at €2,910 including VAT and shipping. Each version also comes in its own box set containing a color-matching #tide strap.

For more information, visit the Titoni website.