We show you the Top 10 Speedmaster articles in the last 12 months with the most reads.

This means, of course, that more recently published articles received less ‘views’ than the ones that were already there 12 months ago. However, it will give a pretty good idea of what you like to read here.

The Speedy Tuesday articles appear every week on Fratello, since 2012. We’ve written more than 360 Speedy Tuesday articles in total, which you can all find on this page. After our first Speedy Tuesday article in May 2012, it quickly grew out to become one of our most popular items here on Fratello. Also on Instagram, the Speedy Tuesday hashtag was quickly picked up. It became a ‘thing’. So much, that we also started to organize Speedy Tuesday GTGs. In 2017, we celebrated Speedy Tuesday together with Omega by designing a dedicated Speedmaster watch. A dream come true for us. Then, last year, we decided to come up with another Speedy Tuesday watch for the fans, based on the popular vintage Speedmaster 145.012 ‘Ultraman’.

This year, no watch, but a number of special Speedy Tuesday events that you don’t want to miss. We will host them in Frankfurt, Milan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo. Make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter, so you won’t miss our announcement in order to register. Frankfurt and Milan are already fully booked, and the rest will be open for registration soon.

Top 10 Speedmaster Articles

Now, for this week, we show you the Top 10 Speedmaster articles (best read) in the last year. Not all articles were published last year, some are already older, but still popular and relevant.

Enjoy our Top 10 Speedmaster articles overview.

10. Hands-on With The Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Set

The new Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 that was introduced last Summer is limited to 55 pieces. Despite being only available for the Japan market, we were lucky enough to go hands-on with one of them, via a reader that made it available to us. A lengthy article with a thorough explanation per watch and which Speedmaster from the past inspired them. The five watches were also available separately.

Click to read our hands-on article here

9. Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Edition

Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary

Hodinkee celebrated their 10th-anniversary last year and created this Speedmaster H10 together with Omega. Based on the CK2998 re-editions, and influenced by Hodinkee founder Ben Clymer’s first serious watch.

Click here to read about the Speedmaster H10

8. How the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch

When Aldrin set foot on the Moon, he was wearing his Speedmaster reference 105.012. But this wasn’t by coincidence of course. This article explains how the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch. It is the full story and verified by Omega (and praised by a former NASA employee ;)).

Click here to read how the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch

7. The Original Speedmaster Ultraman

What a year it was, with the launch of ‘our’ Speedmaster Ultraman for Speedy Tuesday (II). Here’s the original, the 145.012 ‘Ultraman’, that inspired the new edition.

Click here for the Ultraman article

6. The caliber 321 back in production

What an honour! Omega introduced the new caliber 321 first during a Speedy Tuesday event in Bienne. Even before the press was informed. A dream come true for many collectos. It is still not entirely clear which Speedmaster will be equipped with the new caliber 321, but we assume that the clever readers can take a good guess.

Click to read about the new caliber 321

5. Why I Purchased A Speedmaster – A reader’s story

Why I Purchased An Omega Speedmaster

We love stories submitted by you, this one is from James and he explains why he purchased his Speedmaster Professional 3590.50. Keep them coming!

Click here for James’ story

4. An overview of all Apollo XI models

Speedmaster Apollo XI

A very recent article, but published before the new gold Apollo XI was introduced. I guess we need to update this one soon! Let’s wait what the Time to Move press event has in store for us…

Click here to see the Apollo XI Speedmasters

3. Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Ultraman

Of course, the Speedy Tuesday II watch, that was released in July 2018 deserves a spot in this top 10. A great project that we were honoured to be a part of. In this article, we announced the Speedy Tuesday II “|Ultraman” and included a video of the watch as well that we did with our own prototype.

Click here for the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman article

2. Speedmaster 145.022 Guide

Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69

An article consisting of two parts, describing the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 with caliber 861. A watch with high demand, as it is a vintage piece that can still be found for a very acceptable price.

Click here for the 145.022 Guide

1. Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide

Here’s another classic article that we wrote in 2014 already, and try to update it every year with the latest information (as you know, there are not only changes in pricing but sometimes we also get to hear new facts about the Speedmaster).

Click here for our Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide