What can we do these days when leaving the house is no option? We can rediscover a watch from our collection —something we have not seen in a while. We can also get out the strap box and change some bracelets and straps around. Or, in case we want fresh stuff, we can order some new ones. Let’s say, from Dangerous9straps…

Watch Strap Review of April brings you a brand that, although hails from Germany, has roots in the USA. The man behind Dangrous9straps, John, comes from California but is living in Germany for close to 10 years now. He creates terrific leather objects (straps, rolls, pouches), and we will have a look at them today.



Even though we both live in Germany, I haven’t heard from Dangerous9straps until Andreas, our fellow Fratello editor, brought the company to my attention. After the initial contact between John and I, we quickly got down to business. He created an exceptional piece for me and also sent me a few of his “standard” straps along with a few accessories. The materials, the craftsmanship, and the attention to detail make Dangerous9straps more than just another company.

I’d much sooner call it a custom strap atelier. Although the exquisite quality might be reflected in the price, you need to understand that you are not buying just another strap. It’s a bespoke service, like getting a pair of custom-made boots. The pieces from its Manufacture Collection come from Italy, while John is solely reasonable for the production of the brand’s custom orders.

Super Distressed

John graciously sent us three straps, the first of that being their Super Distressed one. This strap has not been broken in, but it will and eventually and adapt to your wrist. However, the leather looks vintage and somewhat aged with a cracked surface. It was the perfect match for my 1675. We have a 20/18mm lug/clasp size with a standard length of 125/80mm.

You can select the strap without spring bars, with standard ones, or with quick-release ones (for an extra charge) on a brushed or polished buckle at no additional cost. This Super Distressed Dangerous9straps band is padded and has a soft, army green leather lining with ecru thread and saddle stitching. Just like the custom orders, these are also entirely hand-made from start to finish.

Espresso Shell Cordovan

The other strap is also coming from the Manufacture Collection. While I’ll only look at these two models, Dangerous9straps has many more designs, colors, and leathers to choose from. This Espresso Shell Cordovan strap comes from the Venetian Collection. As its name suggests, the leather shell cordovan leather, a super durable and beautifully shiny fabric.

…you choose what you’d like to have with the strap.

The leather Dangerous9straps is using has been vegetable-tanned, has hand-rubbed finishing, and comes from the Venice region. Just like the previous product, this one also has lug-end padding. Size-wise we are talking about precisely the same measurements as above. As far as the buckles and spring bars are concerned, again, you choose what you’d like to have with the strap. I thought this would be a perfect match for my vintage Angelus, and boy, was this a great idea? Also, Kangaroo lining, saddle stitch, and painted edges bring this thing to life.


Custom strap

Finally, we arrive at the créme-de-la-créme of this month’s strap review. The 100% custom made strap that John created exclusively for us. Again, this is not your average strap, keep this in mind. The strap was solely made for my vintage Speedmaster, using Antique Tan Ostrich Leg skin. To offer a perfect fit to the Speedy, the strap comes with Dangerous9straps’ Thick Curved Lug System. TCLS works with most 20mm lug with watch cases.

…the attention to detail is second to none.

I put it on the Speedmaster, and it fitted perfectly. Since the strap was already curved, it was extremely confrontable to wear as the strap felt like it’s an integrated part of the watch. John’s hand makes these special orders personally one-by-one, so the attention to detail is second to none. You can tell this by the evenness of the stitching, the perfectly painted edges, and with even the minutest detail tended to.


Now let’s have a closer look at what went into this breathtaking custom leather product. The leather itself already has a hefty price of €194, but this is inevitable when working with such a material. Some of the optional upgrades were the tapering (€11), the padding at the lugs (€31), or the TCLS (€58).

The strap also received a Super Exotica Upgrade, as Dangerous9straps calls it. What this means is that the lining is Carbon Black Teju Lizard with Ecru French linen and saddle stitching (€68). Lastly, an Omega style deployant buckle (€39) went onto the strap, then came the VAT, shipping, and so on. The final price was €497, which I’m sure many of you find a bit high. Note that the above options only went into my strap. You can mix and match them however you like.

Dangerous9sttraps Dangerous9sttraps

Pricing and More

The starting price for the Manufacture Collection straps I received is €188 +€11 for the quick release spring bars, should you choose them. For this, you’ll get the buckle and a set of standard spring bars, but you can get them without anything, then you’ll only receive the straps themselves. If you think that you’d need something to protect your watch and straps with, Dangerous9straps offer a selection of Watch and Strap Travel Rolls for €184. Said roll holds two watches and four straps plus changing tools. All of them are German-made. Additionally, you have nine leather/lining combos to choose from.

Dangerous9straps offers a different type and assortment of straps than let’s say, last month’s Watch Strap Review brand, Nero Biglia though this is the beauty if this column. The opportunity to bring you guys as many brands and companies as possible. Hopefully, everyone will find one they like. If you’d like to visit Dangreous9straps’ website, please click here.