The watch everyone was waiting for, or at least by Rolex fans that is, the new Explorer II. A 42mm re-edition of the Explorer II ‘Orange Hand’ that was introduced in 1971. This new version has a new Rolex caliber 3187 movement inside, including the Paraflex shoch absorber and Parachrom hair spring.

A photo report has been posted on the Watchuseek Basel Forum, click here.

  • Jhyman

    Sick. Rolex does it again. I am sure this watch will be the hardest to get item for 2011.

  • moses moller

    sick looking!
    great job always and fantastic site!

  • Mtanujaya

    when will this be available in Singapore?

  • Dccarrier

    i hope to see you one day cause everybody is talking about you.

  • Mangeline

    The hands are simply too fat. For a subtle watch like this the hands simply looks ironic

  • steppxxxxz

    UGLY.  They have ruined the last good watch they had. The new subs with the maxi case are ugly bling…..the case is too chunky and square (IMHO) and the shiny center links in the bracelet are a mistake, too. The 39mm Explorer is maybe ok, but the green second hand GMT suffers the same as the sub. The big date justs are TERRIBLE.  Ive seen a lot around southern california and they just dont look right. The old ex 2 is great. I love them and own one. I appreciate the steve mcqueen orange retro nod, but why must everything become too big. I will say the cereamic bezels are great. The green is beautiful…….too bad the rest is so awful. And yes, as someone said the fat hands are just poor design.

  • Sjwp2011

    I really like this watch. Its modern clean & slick presented with some chunk. Nice.