I am not going to lie to you: writing about watches is one of the coolest jobs ever. I do not have a journalistic background nor do I pretend to  have one. I just love watches and I can’t remember exactly when, but it started when I was a little boy in the 1980s. Although I have several degrees in IT & Information Management, watches became a true passion of mine along the way. Every spare minute of my time went into learning, reading and eventually writing about watches. In the – almost – 11 years that Fratello Watches is on-line, I was able to make some very cool trips to Switzerland and Germany to visit manufactures. However, a couple of brands also invite me – and other colleagues – to events where they launch a new model, collection or whatever there is to announce or celebrate.

We always try to report to you about these trips, because in the end, that’s our job as on-line watch magazine or watch blog. We recently did a few watch manufacture visits and reported about them here. However, there’s more to it then visiting manufactures and we also went to the racing track with IWC and AMG at some point (here) and even did our own events with the Amsterdam Tourbillon Boutique (here and here) and some Speedy Tuesday events (here and here).

One of the coolest trips I ever did during these (nearly) 11 years of Fratello Watches writings was one in May 2011. At the time, Fratello Watches wasn’t designed to show and host huge photo reports but that has changed along the way. So I did only a small write-up and only shared a couple of photos with readers. However, last week I was thinking about all these trips I’ve made and Capri in Italy is the one that – especially at the time – stood out for me. I say at the time, as the digital landscape got still far less attention from brands than printed press. That changed during the last few years, but it is also fair to say that Omega is one of the big brands that was very early and eager to work with on-line platforms.

In any case, I thought it would be fun to take you back to 2011 and show some of the footage of that trip to Capri in Italy. The press trip was meant to introduce the new line-up of Seamaster Planet Ocean watches with the in-house developed caliber 8500 movements that started to use ceramics and the new caliber 9300 line-up of Seamaster Planet Ocean chronographs (find our visit report to the assembly facility of that movement here). Another important announcement during the event was the one of the new movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his Good Planet foundation. Eventually, that movie was presented to us in 2013 (and you can find our report about it here).

Without further ado and totally different from our watch reviews or more technical coverage of watches, please enjoy the beautiful scenery of Capri in Italy and how Omega presented their new line-up of Seamaster Planet Oceans in a way that couldn’t be better!

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