For a small group of our readers, we co-organized a dinner at the Tourbillon Boutique in Amsterdam to have a look at Omega’s novelties. Watches that were introduced during BaselWorld, could now been seen, tried and discussed with fellow enthusiasts and collectors. With approximately 30 people we enjoyed a great three course dinner in the beautiful Tourbillon Boutique in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. The PC Hooftstraat is probably the most famous shopping street in The Netherlands, where a number of high-end brands are located.

There was an opportunity to see the new Omega Speedmaster Mark II models, Seamaster 300, De Ville Trésor and the new Speedmaster X-33 ‘SkyWalker’ amongst some other models. First presented in display cases but they quickly appeared on the dining table as well, so the guests could experience them from up close. It was an amazing evening with guests with a passion for watches. Lively discussions about both new Omega watches and those from the past. Guests also brought their own precious pieces to the table. From vintage Speedmasters and a rare Omega Moon phase watch from the 1940s to modern Seamaster Planet Ocean watches.

Bert took a number of photos to give you an impression of the Omega Novelty Event that we held at the Tourbillon Boutique. The Tourbillon Boutique is owned by the Swatch Group and carries a number of brands from that group. Although the name might give you the impression that those are the type of watches you are going to find there (which is true to a certain extent), you will also find your standard Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 or Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon there. An interesting concept with 19 boutiques all over the World.

Tourbillon Boutique Amsterdam

Eric Vanderhoeven Omega
Robert-Jan Broer FratellowatchesTourbillon Boutique AmsterdamOmega Speedmaster Apollo 13Omega Novelty Event guestsOmega Collection 2014Seamaster Planet Ocean WhitePlanet Ocean WhiteOmega-Novelty-Event-017Eric Vanderhoeven Omega BeneluxOmega SpeedmastersBaume et MercierOmega Speedmaster Apollo 11Omega Speedmaster Limited EditionsOmega Speedmaster Mark IIOmega Speedmaster Mark II new and oldOmega Speedmaster Mark II 2014 and 1970Master Chef at WorkDesertSpeedmaster Mark II wristshotOmega Co-Axial movementOmega Seamaster 300 2014Showing watchesOmega Seamaster 300Taking wristiesDesertCoffee and stuffDiscussing watchesSeamaster Planet Ocean and cuff linksSeamaster Aqua TerraRobert-Jan Broer showing the Speedy Tuesday in WatchingDennis and Gerard We were happy to see that a number of guests from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom were more than happy to travel all the way to Amsterdam to join this evening.

A HUGE thank you to Matthijs Wolzak and Pleun Fabery De Jonge of Tourbillon Boutique Amsterdam, the Omega Benelux team and all the guests. You were all amazing!

Click for more information about the Tourbillon Boutique.

  • Hans CP

    Great event! Nice people, beautiful watches, great food&wines and…. as always: nice pics!

    Thanks again to all!

  • Geo

    Great report and a stunning Boutique!

    • Thanks Geo, really appreciate it. The Tourbillon Boutique is beautiful and definitely knows how to take care of their guests!

  • Erwin

    Great event; well organised and indeed stunning Omega novelties. For me the Mark II ranked out !

    Nice pics !

    • Thanks Erwin,

      It was a pleasure meeting you and talking about watches! The Mark II certainly is a beauty. Which one would you prefer, the black dial or the racing dial?

  • Nhat

    Looked like everyone had a really good time. The new Master Co-Axial AT with the orange second hand and brown strap looks really sharp. The vintage B&M looks amazing as well – who owned that one?

    • Thanks for your comment. I actually noticed the B&M only later on when writing this article, so I have to ask around.

  • vincent

    Hij RJ,

    Also on behalf of Mike I would like to thank you very much for the invitation to this great evening.

    Good food, good wine, good company of fellow watch fanatics and above all: superb watches from Omega!

    What more could a man wish for? Nada!

    • Thanks Vincent,

      Great to have you and Mike around at the event! Now you know what to get next time 🙂 Are you already on the Dark Side?

  • Bart

    As always, impeccable organisation, great people, cool watches, nice food, lively conversations,… overall the best atmosphere one could wish for…thanks!

  • Vincent

    Hi RJ!

    I am almost on the Dark Side, but first got rid of the Heavy Side. Thanks to your
    review on the new Sea Dweller 4000 and thanks to the fact that I have really liked
    the impressive technology, but disliked the fact that I have always felt the bulk on
    my wirst wearing my Deepsea, I have traded it in at Watch-Site last Saturday. Just
    after 7 months of ownership. I had some thorough conversations with Mike about
    keeping a watch that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with and finally I realized that the SD 4000
    was more than enough for a desk diver like myself and that the SD was just the perfect watch
    for me. Comfortable, nice 40mm, sleek yet technically advanced. So I tied the knot,

    As soon as Mike has a DSOTM available, I will be interested though. Although I understand
    that they are hard to get at the moment and I doubt whether that will change in the near future!