The summer holidays are coming up. I already have a few watches that I know I will bring with me to Spain this year. Still, it’s always nice to look around to see what’s new. Here are the summer watches that I would buy today!

Jorg and Thomas already cut away a lot of the low-hanging fruit, but I was still able to find some nice ones. For me, summer watches are all about color, wearability, and water resistance. My go-to summer watch is the Seiko SPB317. That’s actually not a very colorful one, but it is one of the best-wearing diver’s watches out there. And my first pick of the day definitely falls in that same category. Let’s “dive” in, shall we?

Citizen Promaster diver

Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver 200m

If I could change one thing about my Seiko SPB317, I would ask for a titanium version. It’s already very comfortable, but reducing its weight would make it wear even better, I think. The Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver 200m is another very vintage-inspired diver, just like the SPB317. This one, though, has a more conventional case and is made of titanium. Apart from that, it does have as much character as the Seiko does.

Citizen promaster diver 200m on wrist

It’s also just as monochromatic as the Seiko is. But just like that watch, this Citizen also eats straps for breakfast lunch, and dinner. If you want to add a bit of color to it, just throw any colorful strap on it, and you’re all set. When I bought my SPB317, the Promaster Mechanical Diver 200m wasn’t officially available yet. But if I had to choose between the two today, it would be a very tough decision indeed. Maybe I can opt for the blue version and justify the purchase like that. And at €650, it won’t hurt much if it overlaps with one of your other watches, right?

Seiko SPB291 summer color

King Seiko SPB291

But a summer watch doesn’t necessarily have to be a diver’s watch. When I see Thomas walking around the office with his King Seiko SPB281, I always get kind of jealous. With its modest and angular 37mm case, perfectly matching bracelet, and time-only dial, it’s an excellent all-arounder. It has a 100m water resistance rating, so it should be totally fine for a dip in the pool. And even though it’s modestly sized, its shape still brings a lot of character to the wrist.

Seiko SPB291's angular case

As it’s all about summer watches today, I’d go for the SPB291 with its violet dial inspired by blooming wisteria. It adds a nice touch of color to the otherwise all-steel construction, and it will look great when you take it to the beach while sipping on your ice-cold Coronita. The €1,850 price might be a little steep for a summer watch, but the quality of the case and dial finishing definitely justify it. And besides, it’s a watch that will also work great during the rest of the year.

Tissot Sideral yellow summer watches

Tissot Sideral (in yellow)

The final watch I’ll highlight here might be one of my favorite recent releases. The new Tissot Sideral, especially the version in yellow, simply screams to be worn over the summer. I mean, it’s a shame that the case isn’t as colorful as it used to be on the vintage Sideral S. But on the matching yellow strap, the whole thing still looks very summery on the wrist. I also like that it looks so different from many other watches out there. The summer is the perfect time to stand out and experiment a little bit more, and the Tissot Sideral is very ready for that!

Tissot Sideral yello up close

Its 41mm case is a bit thick at 14.5mm, but it still wears very well on my 17cm wrist. And that’s also because of the ingenious rubber strap that it comes with. It hooks onto itself in two places, which makes it feel very secure. And at the same time, it’s so flexible that it wraps itself very nicely around the wrist. It’s a bummer that the Sideral name isn’t on the dial anymore, but you do get the funky T-shaped seconds hand in exchange. I think that for €1,075, this is a great new option for your next summer watch.

Trio of Tissot Siderals summer watches

Enjoy your summer!

There are many more great summer watches out there (or watches that work well during the summer, at least). I’ll definitely be bringing my Seiko SPB317, my Nassau blue Autodromo Intereuropa, and my blue/green Serica 5303-3 on my trip to Spain. What watch(es) will you be taking on your summer holidays? Are you going to be picking up any new ones, or do you own them already? Let me know in the comments below.