Both Mike and I are busy this week. Plus, I need to prepare for Geneva Watch Days. Don’t worry; next week, we will be back and talk about the year’s second most anticipated watch show. But until then, here’s a special episode that I recorded a few weeks back with our podcast buddy. Mike and I have been featured on the Spirit Of Time Podcast, so it was time to return the favor.

Matt, one half of Spirit of Time, was gracious enough to get up early and record the episode. Matt and Gregg (the other SoT resident) hail from Southern California, so the nine-hour time difference was an issue, but we made it work anyway. I was back from work, so this recording session must have been a great way to unwind after a long day.

Matt’s Sinn 103 St DIAPAL

The segment formerly known as Handgelenks Kontrolle

Since our last episode, there’s no Handgelenks Kontrolle anymore. Sad times, but Mike left me alone in Germany and relocated to London. So it was only fair that we look for another name. Please tune in to last week’s episode for more on this topic. The episode with Matt was recorded a little while ago, so it was still called Handgelenks Kontrolle. The guys over at Spirit of Time do a “wrist and pour check,” so they talk about the watch they are wearing and the drink they are sipping while recording. In this episode, we go with that too. Matt shows off his new baby, a Sinn 103 St DIAPAL, and the watch that started it all, a late-90s TAG Heuer 4000. Conversely, I’m going with the classics and rocking the Fratello × Nivada Grenchen Racing Chronograph.

Matt channeling his inner Magnum P.I.

What’s left to say?

Very little. It’s a fun episode, and we don’t want to spoil anything, so I suggest you guys listen. To give you a teaser, we discuss Matt’s other watches and vintage car preferences to give you a teaser. If you have listened to their episode with me, you know that when these two get together, Magnum P.I. will come up eventually. SoCal watch culture receives a mention, and so does Matt’s choice of sneakers, among many other things. So make sure you tune in to the episode. We hope you enjoy it!