Yes, we all love the allure of sleek watches with integrated bracelets. Alas, grails like the Royal Oak and Nautilus are pipe dreams for most people, including me. Even without a big budget, you might want to see what the fuss is about. But is it possible to find integrated-bracelet chic for less than €500?

Sure, there are affordable takes on the genre, but with many over €1,000, what are the real budget options? Here’s a selection of what you can find for less than €500. Yes, there’s plenty of wrist presence here, even without mentioning the lovely but nearly ubiquitous Tissot PRX. And who said all of these options had to be analog?

Brew Metric

The small-cased goodness of the US-based coffee-inspired brand Brew can’t be ignored in this context. With the reliability of meca-quartz comes the benefit of a great price point and, for Brew, creativity. In this case, the Brew Metric is a bargain. It has become the brand’s best-selling watch, ranging from cool monochrome to gold PVD versions, all in a slim 36mm case. For US$450, my favorite is the asymmetric multi-colored Retro Dial. It features a super short 41.5mm lug-to-lug and a mere 10.75mm thickness with a sapphire crystal. True, the Seiko VK68 meca-quartz movement isn’t exotic or exciting anymore, but I’ve grown to love it, and the reliability is superb. This is all about great style and a comfortable everyday watch that is way more than the sum of its affordable parts. It’s available directly from Brew here.

Citizen NJ0150

Featuring a cool tonneau case and a flush-fit crown, the Citizen NJ0150 was one of 2022’s biggest surprises from Japan. I love the popping green and yellow versions and the NJ0151 with the textured blue dial, but I’ll restrain myself this time. At a svelte 11.7mm thick with a 49mm lug-to-lug, this 40mm Citizen wears more like a 40mm Tissot PRX but with a difference. I had a 40mm PRX, so I can attest to the bracelet being quite stiff. It looks great, but the NJ0150 is arguably more comfortable with its irreverent Rolex President-like center links. The Rolex cues carry onto the Cyclops and OP-esque dial, but the NJ0150 still feels like its own thing, especially considering its ludicrously low €299 price. With its in-house movement and rather sharp details, that is a huge deal.

Tissot PRX Digital 35mm

I’m sorry. Did I promise to leave out the PRX? Well, I meant the OG quartz and Powermatic 80 versions. The now-rather-big family of integrated-bracelet Tissots is in too many best-of articles, but I feel for the digital version. I don’t think it got the warm welcome that it deserved. To tell the truth, I wasn’t too enamored with it when I first saw the steel and black version, but the 35mm in gold PVD is a great way to celebrate not the ’70s but early ’80s excess. There is no getting away from the fact that the slim bevel-edge case and brushed bracelet are very good for the money. And it is a true integrated design. Go for gold, and you’ll have a superb everyday piece for €475, which is still good value.

Integrated-Bracelet chic For Less Than €500 Citizen Endeavour

Citizen Endeavour

I didn’t plan on having two Citizen pieces in this story, but the big Endeavor crept up on me. This is no slim 1970s-inspired dress watch, let me tell you. It’s big — 45mm in diameter, to be precise. The Endeavour is a quietly released, 200m-rated bona fide dive/sports watch with an integrated bracelet. It’s just not particularly sleek. It’s not wrong. Many people still want brawny, big-shouldered tool watches. And this certainly is one, and it has a green-apple-fresh dial to boot. For a check-it-twice price of €395, I was pleasantly surprised by this big beast of a Citizen. I couldn’t rock a 45mm watch, but there will be plenty of takers out there. Consider it the budget Royal Oak Offshore of this story, and as any Citizen, the Eco-Drive is a solid and sustainable movement choice (and in-house, baby).

Integrated-Bracelet chic For Less Than €500 Casio A700WE-1AEF

Casio A700WE-1AEF

Yes, this is a very affordable offering from Casio. And while you may question its inclusion, I stand by its digital coolness. With ultra-sleek sizing at 37.4 long and 35.5mm wide, it wears similarly to a Cartier but with a thin 6mm thickness. Don’t laugh. I’m not telling you this is a €44.90 Tank alternative, but take in that price. The case might be chromed resin, but the bracelet is all-steel with a fully integrated look. Sure, there is a slight gap where it meets the case end, which, due to its chrome finish, doesn’t quite match the metal’s hue, but come on. For less than the price of a dinner out for one, you’ll have one of the crispest digital displays around, multi-functionality that you might not use, and timeless style. Who’s to argue with that for less than €50?

Are you still desiring the sweet feel of integrated-bracelet chic on your wrist? Some might be annoyed that I had the nerve to include non-analog watches here, but it’s all about a vibe. And hey, if you have any other watch suggestions, let me know in the comments.