Press release – Pinion announce partnership with Iron Heart

Bert Buijsrogge
June 04, 2014
Press release – Pinion announce partnership with Iron Heart

Pictured: The Iron Heart Watch 01 Limited Edition timepiece by PINION

UK based watch company, PINION is to partner with cult Japanese denim manufacturing company, Iron Heart Works Incorporated, to produce a range of new timepieces and products.

The first to be released under this new partnership will be the IHWA-01 (Iron Heart Watch 01) a limited edition, stainless steel 42mm Swiss manufactured wristwatch which will feature the IRON HEART logo, plus ‘Pride of Japan’ engraving on the reverse.

The Watch is based on the original Pinion Axis Steel, which was released in 2013 and will be finished, tested and assembled in the UK by Pinion’s experienced watchmakers.

The Watch can be reserved and ordered through Iron Heart and will be ready to ship in Autumn 2014.


Pictured: The Iron Heart Watch 01 Limited Edition case-back design

?Piers Berry, founder and designer, Pinion Watch Company:

“I’m extremely proud to be working with Iron Heart. Our ethos are almost identical: Crafting timeless products out of the finest materials and made to the highest of standards. Iron Heart goods are loved by devotees of quality denim in Japan and across the globe and it is a great opportunity for Pinion, a relatively young UK based company to achieve more global presence through this partnership”.

Shinichi Haraki, Founder and Owner of Iron Heart
“Pinion and Iron Heart both have a passion for creating items that perfectly combine both form and function. Our products do what they do with lots of style but a minimum of fuss. I am delighted to be partnering with Pinion”

Pinion, founded in 2013 in South Oxfordshire, England, produces fine watches which are

designed, finished, assembled and tested in the UK to the highest of standards. Using Swiss movements, engineering and parts manufacture, all of our watches are designed to evoke: Simplicity, high legibility and hard-wearing robustness for daily and exceptional uses.

Pinion’s ethos is grounded in producing small quantities of unique and individual timepieces. Where possible we utilise skilled craftspeople based in the UK to help build our products. From watch assembly, to our fine leather straps, accessories and watch wallet everything we produce is with care and the highest attention to detail.

The name ‘Pinion’ originates from the small but significant gear wheels, that sit at the very heart of every mechanical timepiece and are often used to drive the more visible parts like the hands in a watch. Being a small independent watch company, Pinion passionately embodies British watchmaking from the heart.


Shinichi Haraki established Works Inc (AKA The Works Japan) in 2003. After 20 years of working in the garment industry in Japan, beginning as a pattern maker for Edwin and advancing to designer and producer/director for the company, he decided to create Iron Heart, a heavyweight Japanese clothing brand, aimed initially at the Japanese motorcycling community.

!Giles Padmore and Haraki-san started working together in 2005. This close partnership and firm friendship, coupled with the increased focus on the market outside of Japan which Giles brought to the party, has generated a loyal following throughout the world. Iron Heart customers come from all walks of life, and many of them – but certainly not all – are bikers. The common factor is a love of ethically manufactured, beautiful and durable clothing. Sales of Triple Works began in 2012, to complement and expand the existing range of Iron Heart clothing.

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