Last year Vacheron Constantin asked craftsman Callum Robinson of Method Studio in Scotland to produce a unique one-off piece watch box for one of their most valuable tourbillon minute repeater watches.

Watch CaseCallum Robinson is is widely known for his work with Method Studio, where he designs and produces conceptual furniture based on traditional craftsmanship together with (his wife) Marisa Giannasi.

Watch CaseIt took Robinson over 300 hours to produce the original Vacheron Constantin box (click for pictures and info). However it is the internal hidden leather and hardwood compartment that will continue to a wider audience in the form of the Campaign Watch Case.

Watch CaseThe watch case is fully hand crafted and comes available in a variety of leather and hardwood combinations, like American black walnut, Scottish oak and Scottish elm. A full-grain leather cover is fastened by polished brass screws. Inside the case, a padded nubuck piece holds the watch, with it’s face fully protected.

Watch CaseRobinson’s Campaign Watch Case starts at £ 285,=. More information, and the possibility to order can be found at the Method Studio eBoutique.

(all pictures copyright Method Studio)