One of our dear readers sent us a message about a lost Omega Speedmaster Professional. His uncle lost his 1970 Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 while he was in Paris. It was on a leather strap and it probably just fell off. The Police in Paris has been noticed, but chances are quite small that this watch will find its way to the Police station.

The person who lost it was very attached to this watch. Inherited from his father as a child and remains in his memory since then.

It happened last Friday (29th of January) and although we hope there are some good people around who would bring it to the Police, the longer it takes the less likely this will be.

The positive part is that there is a serial number known of this watch:

  • Movement / Serial Nr. 29110172
  • Reference 145.022-69ST


Speedmaster Professional

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 on a leather strap

Unfortunately there are no pictures available of this watch, so I will use my own 145.022-69 for this purpose. The case back of this watch had the “First Watch Worn on the Moon” inscription, horizontally engraved. The watch might look a bit different, of course, due to wear for example, but it should be similar to this pictured 145.022-69.


You will need to open up the case to discover serial number 29110172, it is on one of the movement bridges.

If you found this watch in Paris, know someone who did or run into it otherwise, please let us know.

Thanks and we will find an appropriate gift for the honest finder of the watch.