We all go through phases. Nowadays, I happen to find myself enjoying white dials like never before. I can’t get enough of them. Their lightness and pure energy shine far. I made up my mind already. On Christmas Eve this Sunday, I will wear one of these five shortlisted pieces.

Three years ago, on Christmas Eve in 2020, I picked little black Alpina 943. It is a rare watch, it feels festive, and I couldn’t imagine a better fit for Christmas Eve than a true gilt dial cased in 14K gold. Well, here I am, the same but different me, lining up my white-dial watches for this Sunday.

white dials Rolex Datejust 16030

White-dial option #1: Rolex Datejust 16030

I just realized that I haven’t properly shared this one on #TBT yet. I must fix that, so get ready for a full review in January. It’s probably because Mike featured his Rolex Datejust 16030 in black, and then I forgot about mine. Looking at them both, my heart still swivels towards the white dial.

As I said in this article about restoring its bracelet, “The black 16030 is more elegant and slightly mysterious. But it is the pure milk-white-like dial that always grabs my attention. Why? If there is one color that loves to age easily and markedly, it would be white. And that is what almost always shocks me when I look at my 16030. That white dial with intact creamy lume plots looks like it just came off the factory assembly.”

This watch is perfect for a big Christmas Eve get-together with family.

white dials Nivada Dato

White-dial option #2: Nivada Dato

This is probably the most adventurous, bold, and sporty contender in this quintet. It is smaller and a bit chunky, but the panda eyes and splashes of bright orange details make it unmissable. You might argue that it has a silver sunburst dial, not white, and you would be correct. But if you ask me, snowy white is the color I see. Compare it, for example, to the Angelus Medical. That watch has a silver dial too. It tries to look white in some photos, but it stays silver. That’s why the Nivada Dato stands out. In direct sunshine, it looks phenomenal. It’s so clinically white that it cuts through your heart. Compared to my Datejust, the Dato feels more low-profile and modest, whereas the former feels more festive.

The Dato is the perfect fit for a cozy and romantic Christmas Eve that you don’t mind spending in sweatpants.

White-dial option #3: Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater

I remember the day that I saw the Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater listed online. It was the white dial that knocked me off my feet. The gold-brick-like indexes are best in class and match the flat dauphine hands perfectly. And look at that lettering! I bet you haven’t seen such beautifully inscribed Christmas cards this year. Each word printed on the dial is a piece of art, and the curves of each letter are full of life and energy. I wouldn’t mind if Citizen had added a few more lines of them…

Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater

And we haven’t discussed the best part yet. The Citizen caliber 1150 is both a visual and audial experience. Its 360-degree geared rotor with an oscillating mass around half of its perimeter is so loud that you will hear the movement’s friction over each tooth. It feels like you have a tiny bicycle on your wrist. Get ready for some curious questions.

This one is perfect for a Christmas Eve spent in a chalet in the woods with a bunch of friends.

White-dial option #4: Gallet MultiChron 12 “Snow White”

The second chronograph on my list is the only one with a 12-hour counter. I almost forgot that in my June 2023 story, I named it The Most Elegant Gallet Chronograph Ever Produced. With my Gallet chronograph collection having climbed to 40 pieces, I still stand behind my claim.

The simple pencil hands don’t have a gram of useless material. They are so thin but legible against the dial that they make any other broader hand style look ridiculous. This is minimalism at its best. There’s no lume, no information about the jewel count, and no need for a big logo. And look carefully at the rare style of the hour counter, featuring a full set of tiny, fat numerals.

This watch is perfect if you have an hours-long drive to your Christmas Eve celebration.

White dial option #5: anOrdain Model 2

This is the last watch and the only modern one in my Christmas Eve white-dial watch selection. Judging by the fact that it’s been more than four years since I featured it, it’s notable that it hasn’t disappeared from my active watch list!

I have to admit that I don’t wear my anOrdain Model 2 often. But I think of it often! However funny it sounds — after all, watches are made to be worn — the anOrdain Model 2 is a memorable piece. When someone says “white dial,” the anOrdain Model 2 is the first watch I see.

What is so special about it? Get one, and it will change your perception of the word “dial.” It won’t just be the thing above which the hands spin or that area where hour indexes and minute tracks are printed. The crater-like effect in the middle of this dial will hypnotize you for hours. You won’t be sure if you are looking at artistic porcelain or fresh milk. AnOrdain brought a new level of dial artistry into this price range. With ink-blue printing, a tailored font, no minute track, and a special hand design, you get one of the most stunning and versatile dress watches around.

It’s the perfect fit for any Christmas Eve…

My verdict

I am pretty happy that I jumped on this mental exercise before the day came. This year, we will spend Christmas Eve out of the city, about a two-hour drive away, saving me some stress during the packing. There will be not just us but a wider family. As I expect a lot of colorful activities over five days in the countryside, I have decided to take all five watches with me. I assume that each one will have its proper time to shine. Have a lovely Christmas, and feel free to share what your watch of choice will be in the comments.