It is that time of the year, where we reflect, pause and celebrate. Mainly with our loved ones of course, but we also want to make sure that you know we cherish you, our dear readers. That’s why we, together with Chronoswiss, are able to do a very nice Christmas give-away this year.

I don’t think I’ve written this before, but a Chronoswiss Régulateur Automatique was actually one of my first mechanical watches when I started with this hobby (that turned into profession a couple of years later) in the 1990s. It is a 1993 Chronoswiss Régulateur with a silver dial with a 38mm diameter and I still have it in my collection. It came in a beautiful wooden box and the warranty certificate was signed by hand (and green ink!) by founder Gerd-R. Lang. A lot has changed for Chronoswiss since those years, and today (since 2012) the company is led by the Ebstein family with watch enthusiast Oliver Ebstein as CEO. The head quarters of Chronoswiss moved from Munich in Germany to Luzerne in Switzerland, where they opened a new building during the summer of 2014. Chronoswiss is one of those brands I always visit in BaselWorld, ever since I started this annual pilgrimage to Basel. The influence of Gerd-R Lang is still clearly visible, Chronoswiss stays true to the initial design elements that Lang used in his watches.


The Chronoswiss Sirius Régulateur Jumping Hour

Anyway, I am proud to say that so many years later, Chronoswiss is the sponsor of our Christmas Give-Away this year. Together with them, we are giving away a pair of Chronoswiss cuff-links, worth €400 Euro. In order to win this Christmas Give-Away, there are only a few minor things we’d like you to do.

  1. Like our Facebook page (here) and that of Chronoswiss (here);
  2. Follow us on Instagram (@fratellowatches);
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  4. Visit the Chronoswiss website;

Of course, we can’t track and monitor all these steps, but we trust you are participating in this Christmas Give-Away with the right spirit.

So, please follow the 4 steps above and submit the form below to register for this Christmas Give-Away. We simply need your e-mail address to give you a notice that you’ve won.

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Chronoswiss Christmas Give-Away

Chronoswiss Christmas Give-Away: A beautiful pair of cuff-links

As an extra prize, there will be a couple of Chronoswiss caps to give-away as well! So in case you won’t be sporting these handsome cuff-links, there is a chance that you can be seen wearing a nice Chronoswiss branded cap this coming summer.

More information on Chronoswiss


  • Twinbarrel

    Did all you asked Robert. I have had Laurent picciotto on my Facebook for a long time already and also followed your IG for Over a year. Laurent is a lively fella. Met him in Paris in his store last year. Have a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year where all our timepieces may keep on ticking a full year. ?
    Of course I hope I win these gorgeous cuff links but have to do with others this Christmas for sure.
    Giveaway or not. I like to thank you for your continued and constantly improving blog. I try to read all watch blogs when they enter my inbox (daily) but never skip yours.

    • You know it is Chronoswiss and not Chronopassion eh? 😉

      Thanks for playing along anyway!

      • Twinbarrel

        Haha, yes of course!
        How silly. For some reason I always associate these chronoswiss crowns with Laurent’s business chrono passion. I still do now but I know it’s different. Anyway, what a guy he is.
        Thanks for putting me straight Robert 😉

  • Tim Mai

    Wow what a wonderful & nice give away! Love reading the articles and this is a cherry on top 😀 Merry Christmas!

  • Tien Tran

    Hope to win this nice giveaway !!!