Photo-Essay: Weekend in Tuscany with Tudor & Ducati

Bert Buijsrogge
June 19, 2015
Photo-Essay: Weekend in Tuscany with Tudor & Ducati

As Tudor & Ducati teamed up for the Fastrider we were invited to join them on a fast paced weekend in Tuscany Italy. Shortly after flying into Italy we find ourselves at the Ducati headquarter in Bologna where it all started for them. Here we were welcomed for a presentation about Ducati and continued with museum visit and factory tour (sorry, strictly no photos) afterwards.


Study models of the Ducati Panigale super bike. In the background a model that is (partially) made in clay with some road use components. 


Besides all the obvious motorbikes that are on display they also have a few display cases with electrical components as this is what Ducati actually started building in the early 30’s of last century. It wasn’t until 1946 that they started working on engines for bicycles, followed by motorbikes. The rest is history including the many prices they have won over the years.


The Cucciolo, an engine that could be mounted to existing bicycles.




During lunch we join the Tudor & Ducati CEO’s for a DIY meal, hosted by michelin star chef Stefano Ciotti. With his instruction we made our own burger, Rimini Street Food style. As he said ‘if there isn’t flour everywhere, you didn’t do it properly’, we all tried our best and after the flour dust had saddled, we enjoyed our delicious lunch.



Chef Stefano gladly hands out his first ‘perfecto’!



Early next morning we hop on the bus towards Mugello circuit for the MotoGP weekend. Seeing the action of the Saturday training and qualifying sessions.




Photo-Essay: Weekend in Tuscany with Tudor & Ducati




So after seeing the pros racing on the track we are surprised to find 10 Scrambler Ducati’s waiting for us for a ‘lap’ around the beautiful Tuscany countryside.

Photo-Essay: Weekend in Tuscany with Tudor & Ducati



Yours truly on the Scrambler Ducati full throttle.

On sunday we return for another sunny day at the Mugello track enjoying the MotoGP races.

 Andrea Iannone

Ducati driver Andrea Iannone (above during press conference) took the pole position and also set the circuit record for fastest lap during this MotoGP weekend.




Photo-Essay: Weekend in Tuscany with Tudor & Ducati

In the afternoon it is time to catch our flight back home and find ourselves in a cold and rainy Holland again.

We would like to send out a big thank you to Tudor and (Scrambler) Ducati for their great hospitality during this fast paced weekend.


Bert Buijsrogge
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