Tudor is back in business! They seemed to be somewhat lost in the last few years, but Tudor came back with new designs and a new image. Their marketing department is making extra hours, all the commercials/banners on the internet (not only at watch portals, also on social networking sites like aSmallWorld.net). TheTimeTV made the TNight video presentation available for Fratellowatches.com. (Thanks Boon Chong!) I especially like the lady’s watches from Tudor, the gent’s chronograph is also nice, except for the over exaggerated writing on the bracelet. Ron Ferri, responsible for the design of the advertizing campaign also joined the party in Berlin.

I think the question is, would you buy a Tudor? Obviously, their watches didn’t sell very good in the past, since they were relying a bit too much on their big brothers by Rolex. People would think you’d want to have a Rolex but opted for second-best. The new Tudor line is refreshing and doesn’t remind us to their brother’s watches by the crowned firm. This brand has its own face now.

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  • I think the Tudor line is really well done and I hope to see its return to the U.S. It rests comfortably in a price segment that reaches more people.

  • @J.Peter: Good to see you here, I like your blog. Thanks for your comment, I agree with you on the Tudor line. The prices – if on the same level as they were – are very interesting indeed, and balances between Tag and Omega.