Bought himself a Speedmaster Reduced, which looks similair to its bigger brother, the Speedmaster Professional. However, this one is a bit smaller and has an automatic movement. For all those lazy people out there 🙂

John wrote a few lines on his new watch at his watch blog, here.

Congrats John and welcome to the club.

  • Bas

    I’m happy that John likes his watch and I agree that it’s a nice watch. But I have to disagree on some points.

    Say all you want about Rolex, but the Speedmaster is the moon watch.

    I’m sorry, but there’s only one moonwatch. I don’t want to start the discussion wether a cal. 861 based Speedmaster is a moonwatch, but the automatic version is definitely not a moonwatch.

    Movement – Why not the Professional? Well, it’s bigger and it’s manual wind. I like a good auto and I doubt I’ll ever go into space with this thing.

    I’m not sure what you John means here. An automatic watch will work fine in space. The Professional is manual wound because when it was introduced in 1957, all chronographs were manual wound. The first automatic chronograph came in 1969, too late to join NASA’s space program.

    The fact that it’s so big is not about the movement. The Professional could have been a lot smaller and still house a cal. 321 or cal. 861: there is a lot of air around the movement. The Speedmaster Professional is so big (I never met the designers but I’m rather sure about this) because it makes it possible to make it’s dial as perfect as it is. You know, all hour markers the same size and all that.