MB&F is a brand that can do no wrong. I’d been a bit on the fence about the clocks produced with L’Epée before I saw them in real life. And then I realized that if I were rich and looking to furnish a forever home that I would buy one (if I could get to them before they sold out).

The latest clock from MB&F, the Tripod (created with long-time brand collaborator L’Epée), uses acrylic shields to add a bit of color to otherwise austere proceedings. The green one is amazing. It catches ambient light and blazes like it was powered by a bulb. And best of all? It reminds me of lego — those old lego spacemen with the see-through visors. You know the ones. It makes me feel like a kid every time I look at it. I like that feeling. It makes me happy. Kudos to MB&F for achieving the impossible…

MBandF Tripod Green 74.6009-134.006 MB&F

From a wristwatch perspective, MB&F is taking a full-blooded approach to hand skills. A new range will feature fully-engraved dials by a longtime brand collaborator. The aesthetic is more organic and less considered than previous creations, but the typical LM and brand DNA remain. The results are works of art. It’s a different angle to have taken with MB&F’s most classic family, but it works.

MBandF brand LM101 MBF x H. Moser Red 51.SL.MR.001 MB&F

Hot take

Hot take: MB&F continues to position itself as a powerful collaborative force in the industry. The brand’s willingness to step outside of its “comfort zone” (if such a thing exists) is laudable. I’d love to see a slightly more affordable collab with a brand no one would expect Max and Co. to touch. I feel that finding a way to get an MB&F creation on the wrist for around the 10K mark would be a really interesting proposition. I’m not saying it’s happening any time soon, but MB&F is a brand that really deserves to have more of a physical presence in the community because of the joy it brings.

In-depth reviews of the pieces seen during the fair will follow. Feel free to comment below with your initial takeaways of new releases, the event format, and anything you’d like us to focus on or explore further.

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