Patek 5135

Patek uses an all new movement (caliber 324) in it’s new Gondolo Calendrio. Main improvements and modifications to this movement in comparision to other calibers are: higher beat rate ( 28.800 i.s.o. 21.600), new (4 spoke, 4 maselots i.s.o. 2 spoke, 8 maselots) Gyromax balance wheel, advances in wheel toothing geometry for higher rate accuracy.

Here’s the whole article: New Gondolo Calendario 5135


    Good afternoon, I have a pocket clock pat.13 year 1891 I number 171009 chronometro gondolo – he would like to know of it really was manufactured in the year of 1891? It was of my great-grandfather. grateful. which would be the price of it of market?