We started with Speedy Tuesday on May 29th 2012 and with great pride we write you that in 2015, we published 55 Speedy Tuesday articles. Even though we wanted to stick to one per week, we did some extra at times we thought it was necessary. On Instagram, we noticed that there are over 16,000 images tagged #SpeedyTuesday, wow! We often browse through all tagged images and love that there is so much love for this stunning timepiece from all over the world. We also noticed that even those with impressive watch collections including pieces from Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne and so on, have a (vintage) Speedmaster as well, just because it is such a nice piece. Also, we noticed that there are a lot of people for whom the Speedmaster (Professional) is their grail watch, and I can’t disagree with them. They’ve picked a perfect timepiece as a lifetime companion, whether it is a new model or a vintage one. Or, as one of my closest personal friends did last week, buy a Speedmaster Pro from the birth year of her son. The Speedmaster is a versatile watch that you can wear when and with whatever you want.

It is at some times that I worry that I am being condemned for being a Speedmaster-only guy or that Omega is paying us to do this. I can honestly tell you that Speedy Tuesday is our own little show without any financial compensation from Omega. Speedy Tuesday started because of my personal interest and love for the Speedmaster watch, nothing more, nothing less. One might say it is not done for a journalist to have an outspoken interest in a certain brand or watch, but in the end it is our own show here and we are still being able to stay critical towards Omega and what they are doing to their Speedmaster collection. I have to say that these comments are mainly coming from colleague journalists and I really don’t care too much about what they think, but more so about what our readers think, that’s the only thing that matters in the end. In any case, we are not stopping Speedy Tuesday and hope to continue in 2016 with some more great Speedmaster coverage. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the vintage Speedmaster prices in the market after the Christie’s auction of a few weeks ago, whether it will have impact, or not.

Best Read Speedy Tuesday Articles From 2015

For the last Speedy Tuesday publication of 2015, I thought it would be interesting to show you the best read Speedy Tuesday articles of the last 12 months. I used our statistics to see which publications did best and please note that – for instance – the ones that were published at the start of 2015 had the best ‘chance’ to get more reads than the ones published in the last few weeks, of course. However, if we wouldn’t limit it to 2015, our Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide of August 2014 would be the best read Speedy Tuesday article, ever.

Without further ado, here are the best read Speedy Tuesday articles of 2015.

1.Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award 311.

Best Read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesThe Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award is probably the most talked about Speedmaster that came out in 2015. Actually, not all 1970 have been delivered yet. Some people really dislike a cartoon on the dial of a watch, others dig it. I am with the latter.

Read it here.

2. My personal top 5 Speedmaster watches

Best Read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesThe Top 5 modern Speedmaster watches that I personally prefer. Later on, I also did a Top 5 of vintage Speedmasters that I like. Somehow, the modern Speedmaster article performed better. This is mainly because the high interest in some of the more recent references mentioned in the article.

Read it here.

3. Omega Speedmaster Reduced White Dial

Purists rarely agree, but white dial Speedmasters are pretty sought after, even when they are part of the (discontinued) Reduced collection. One of our readers sent us photos of his rare white dial Speedmaster Reduced and we decided to give it a bit of well-deserved coverage on one of last year’s Speedy Tuesdays.

Read it here.

4. Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide Part III

Best read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesThe first two installments were published in 2014, so they don’t count for this year, but have become evergreens in the meanwhile. This third part was published in 2015 and puts some dots on the i’s when it comes to buying Speedmaster watches.

Read it here.

5. Omega Speedmaster FOiS in Sedna Gold

Best Read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesThe watch that had Michael Stockton for a minute, a stunning Sedna gold version of the in 2012 released Speedmaster First Omega in Space to commemorate the 1962 “flight” of a Speedmaster on the wrist of Wally Schirra.

Read it here.

6. We have a look at the new Speedmaster ceramic collection

Best read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesOmega introduced 4 new Dark Side of the Moon models this year, and a White Side of the Moon. Some of them also have a diamond studded bezel version. We did this article to go by them one by one, where my personal favorite is this Sedna gold bezel model. It reminded me a bit of the Apollo XI 45th Anniversary version of 2014.

Read it here.

7. Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project

Best Read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesIntroduced in 2008 and limited to 1970 pieces only. To be honest, I wish I bought one at the time, because these will become sought-after in the future I predict. White dial Speedmaster watches do well and this one has those funky hands and comes in a very special package to commemorate that Alaska Project II Speedmaster from 1970.

Read it here.

8. “Authentic” NASA Velcro Strap review

Best Read Speedy Tuesday Articles If you really want to be like a NASA astronaut, you need this replica velcro strap that NASA used. Astronauts could wear their Speedmasters over their space suits to perform EVA during the mission. Our editor Blaise reviewed these replica velcro straps for you, which can be ordered directly from the fellow (Phil) who creates them and offers them via eBay.

Read it here.

9. BaselWorld 2015 Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII 45th Anniversary

Best Read Speedy Tuesday ArticlesWe were the first to know outside Omega what was coming for BaselWorld in 2015: the new Silver Snoopy Award. In this article we do a pretty good guesstimate. What we didn’t know, is that it would have a white dial and a beautiful silver medallion on an enamel plate in the caseback.

Read it here.

10. Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer’s Guide Part 1

Best Read Speedy Tuesday Articles


We noticed an increased interest in the relatively affordable reference 145.022 (caliber 861) Speedmaster models from 1968 to the early 1980s. To prevent you from making a wrong decision and end-up with an incorrect or ‘frankenwatch’ Speedmaster, we did this specific reference 145.022 buyer’s guide.

Read it here.