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Speedy Tuesday – Recap of the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna

Bert Buijsrogge
May 30, 2017
Speedy Tuesday – Recap of the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna
It’s not everyday we get invited to special collectors meeting but from time to time it happens. So when our friend @vintagewatchzilla asked us to join him for a GTG in Vienna we happily accepted the invite and booked a trip to Austria. After our arrival in Austria we met up in the center of Vienna in a hotel. In a secured area, with all the privacy needed, a table was covered in photos, boxes and some amazing watches. Although the group was small there was an impressive collection of watches and accompanying boxes and accessories on the table.
Speedmaster GTG in Vienna
Actually it didn’t take long before the loupes came out and details were being discussed. On the table there was an original Japanese racing Speedmaster with an the original brochure, which is quite rare. Another racing edition in the shape of the Mark II (Telestop) with special pushers, allowing external pushers to be attached as the large pushers are threaded on the outside.
Speedmaster GTG in Vienna

Speedmaster Mark II Telestop and Speedmaster Japan Racing from 2004

On the table we see a mint condition Omega Flightmaster with social security number and USA inscription on the case back. 
Not only Speedmaster and Flightmasters could be found at the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna, also Seamaster 300 models, with beautiful patina.
One of the rare pieces is the Ultraman in pristine condition. Although production numbers are not officially confirmed, it is probably very low. We wrote an in-depth article on the Speedmaster Ultraman, here.
Speedmaster Ultraman
Or what about this stunning Omega Speedmaster CK2998? The second generation of Speedmasters that was introduced in 1959 as successor of the CK2915? It was this watch that Wally Schirra wore in 1962.
A Speedmaster collection isn’t complete with at least a digital version, like these for example. The first one below is a ‘Speedmaster Professional’, look closely to the shape of the lugs. Now, that’s a typical Speedmaster eh? Below that, the square-ish Speedmaster LCD with its original bracelet.
All-in-all it was a great Speedmaster GTG in Vienna, with some exceptional pieces from collectors. As you can see, other models (and even another ‘make’) were also welcome to join the Vienna party.
A big thank you to @VintageWatchZilla for inviting us to the party. We truly enjoyed it. See below for some more images that we took during the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna.

Speedy Tuesday

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