Speedy Tuesday – #speedytuesday on Instagram

Robert-Jan Broer
June 03, 2014
Speedy Tuesday – #speedytuesday on Instagram

It’s Speedy Tuesday! Since two years already we are working on this Speedy Tuesday thing. Although our main focus is this website, we also started to use Instagram in 2013 as an extra channel to push some of our topic’s photos. As you know, using hashtags (#) makes it easy to search for things that interest you. We noticed that there are over 1200 #speedytuesday instagram posts! From wristshots to dial close-ups and especially a variety of strap combinations can be found using #speedytuesday.

For today’s Speedy Tuesday topic here on Fratellowatches, we selected 57 photos that were tagged #speedytuesday. All rights belong to their respectful owners of course, but we thought it would be nice to share it with you and ask you to share your Speedmaster photo on instagram as well using #speedytuesday or tag us in the photo @fratellowatches. In the coming weeks we will select the coolest #speedytuesday photos and will do a few Omega Speedmaster related give-aways for our 10th anniversary of Fratellowatches in July. Of course, if you don’t have instagram, send your photo to

If you want to share your story on how you’ve gotten your Speedmaster, why you bought one, what you experienced with it, have a flown Speedy, have a rare Speedmaster, customized your Speedmaster, collected 50 of them, why you sold it, why regretted selling it, got a Dark Side of the Moon, collect all the Mark series and so on, do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to share your story with thousands of other Speedmaster fans that come to Fratellowatches every week to ready about Speedy Tuesday!

For now, we hereby present you 57 Speedmaster photos that we took from Instagram using Webstagram. All owners, you know who you are, you did an amazing job!

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Thanks @watchfred, @aaroncynthia, @kimnk, @dalevito, @bexson, @vakane, @gmtminusfive, @analogshift, @watch_n_wrist, @neotrooper, @pimthegreat, @kjeksen, @mikeinfrankfurt, @thewatchapp, @rssuri, @kristianhaagen, @watchurproblem, @fabiendieu, @tjoy89, @cphgp, @vintagediver, @bslaw, @mywatchlife, @juyozego, @timetowatch, @mywatchstory, @yushhh, @kicktoc, @iyaboyq5, @thewatchobsession and many more.



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