Beware of these Breitlings

Robert-Jan Broer
June 06, 2007
Beware of these Breitlings

A few weeks ago, a juweler in The Netherlands (Enschede) has been robbed. 31 Breitling watches and 16 Omega watches are stolen. At least with regards to the Breitling watches, the serial numbers are published. Beware of Breitlings with one of the following serial numbers: 621149, 740150, 743640, 848428, 851141, 852125, 871068, 889714, 892612, 893376, 907977, 935285,?Ǭ† 969722, 2027432, 2083172, 2121032, 2125629, 2152997, 2156830, 2139292, 2145680, 2164027, 2175072, 2177832, 2231568, 2235280, 2539207.

Click here for more informaton (in Dutch) about the robbery.

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Robert-Jan Broer
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