It is that time again! Like every year, we organize a little Speedy Tuesday Get-Together for Speedmaster enthusiasts. Last year we did a couple in The Netherlands and one in London (together with our friends from Bexsonn).  This year, we’d like to organize a Speedy GTG in Düsseldorf, Germany. Düsseldorf is easy to access from The Netherlands and Belgium as well, so we hope to see a nice mix of people from these countries (and perhaps from other countries as well).

Düsseldorf Speedmaster Get-together


This Speedmaster ‘treffen’ was already announced in our newsletter last week so we already have a couple of seats reserved for early birds.

No matter whether you have a collection of +20 vintage Speedmaster watches or just one, that you love dearly, you are more than welcome to join the Speedy Tuesday GTG in Düsseldorf on July 18th. The Fratello Watches team (Robert-Jan, Bert, Balazs, Michael, Gerard) will be there as well as a number of collectors who already signed up using the pre-invitation in our newsletter.

However, to be able to keep some overview and ensure safety, we have a limited number of seats available! So act quick!


Fratello Watches’ Speedy Tuesday GTG! A gathering of like-minded enthusiasts to exchange information, stories and experiences regarding the Omega Speedmaster.


Düsseldorf, Germany. The exact location will be privately mailed as soon as you’ve signed up. Düsseldorf can be easily reached by car, train (ICE) and plane.


Saturday July 18th, 16:00 – xx:00.


Because it is a lot of fun to meet other Speedmaster collectors and enthusiasts!


It is a non-commercial event (not sponsored) so there will be a little fee for food and drinks charged. More in the confirmation e-mail.

Sign-up here!

How? Shoot us an e-mail using the form below (if that doesn’t work for you, use the contact page):

[CLOSED] A report on the event can be found here!

Please respond before July 10th but preferably earlier so we can guarantee you a confirmation! As said, we try to keep it limited (approx. 25 people).

An overview of previous Speedy Tuesday GTGs can be found here, here, here, here and here.