A collegue of mine recently bought an Omega Speedmaster Mark III. Little is written on this watch, except for this document by Chuck Maddox. Today, we opened his watch to check the condition of the movement. As far as we are able to ofcourse 🙂

It looked all good, but when I started to look for the serial number, I experienced some difficulties. The serial number is normally somewhere on the movement, but all I could find was the caliber number (1040) of the movement. I looked into Time Capsule, one of the books by Imai written on Speedmasters and on page 144 I noticed that normally, the serial number is engraved in the rotor. The rotor of my collegue’s watch had a number engraved below Omega and ‘Swiss’, but this was not the number I expected. It started with an R followed by a a few numbers. Now, I suspect that the R stands for ‘Replacement’ and the number is some sort of serial number for replacement parts, but I am not sure. It isn’t the part number of the rotor, because I looked at the parts list of caliber 1040 on http://www.old-omegas.com and it had a different number than the one on the rotor.

Is there anyone out there that can help us out here? The watch is definately original and so is the movement, but the rotor probably got replaced and that left the owner with a serial number-less watch.

The following pictures are taken from Eric Katoso’s website and are NOT the picture of the actual watch I am talking about.

As you can see on the last picture, the serial number (quite vague here) is engraved on the rotor.

  • Nice pics, that is one funky case! 😉

  • georges zaslavsky

    Hi RJ

    As I mentionned in my answer to your thread on WUS, nor mally the mark series particularly the markIII,IV,125 and their semasters cousins have an 8 digit serial number on the rotor. Where did your collegue baught his watch? On the bay? In a vintage watch shop? He should have asked for movement pics before buying the watch or pening the case back in front of him. I wouldn’t have baught it if I knew there was no more serial number.We haven’t got the same definition of original, original means that the watch has a serial number. If your collegue knows where the watch serviced by the previous then it will help.
    Just my thaughts



  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Hi Georges,

    The watch is bought via eBay. Which is always a gamble. In this case, the price was (and is) right and after opening the watch we at least could see the watch was regularly serviced (in France btw). That’s a good thing in my opinion. Besides that, I rather have a repaired/serviced watch than an ‘original’ watch which is worn out or damaged. Since the rotor is replaced by another Omega/Lemania rotor, it is still original in my opinion. I hope that there still is a serial number somewhere on the movement we can’t see without disassembling the movement. He will send it to Omega in Bienne, maybe they can tell him more about the serial number and thus production date. Btw, the caliber 1045 movements do not have the 8 digit serial number on the rotor, but on the movement itself, below the rotor (ofcourse). Caliber 1040 movements have the serial number on the rotor. Check also page 145 of TimeCapsule for a screenshot confirming this.

    Thanks for replying. I had seen your reply at WUS, and I will copy my answer there as well.


  • speedmeister


    This was my watch, but I sent it back to the seller and got a full refund (even the shipping costs), because the watch did not perform and did not have a serial.

    Thanks RJ!

  • Hi RJ,

    I thought I’d point out that Eric So has a page on Mark III’s on his site. Follow the link…




  • antonio simoes

    i have a speedmaster markIII professional in a seamaster case.

  • Everyone has Antonio 🙂


  • Al

    I too purchased a Mark3 while on R&R in 1970…was in a Seamaster case, lost it and recently purchased a Mark 2 in pristine condition, bought it out pure sentimental reasons and will never sell it…love that watch. Am looking for a MArk 3 to this day and hope to find a good one Al Randall

  • Bowden

    I recently purchased a Mark 4 Speedmaster which like Robert-Jan colleague?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Mark 3 didn’t have the 8 digit serial number but R as the beginning number followed by a few numbers stamped on the rotor. I also discovered that it has a cal: 1041 movement instead of the cal: 1040. The cal: 1041 in my watch doesn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t have the official serial number, temp adjustment markings which I believe are stamped on the movement of the 125 anniversary watch
    I forwarded the watch to Omega for a full service which they returned last month with a 2 year guarantee on the service. I would describe my watch as a genuine omega but not original and I suspect that the R means it has had a replacement movement as apposed to replacement rotor part. Just my thoughts.

  • Al

    Anyone know anything about a Omega 3600 Split seconds Speedmaster??? I see on online and am thinking about purchasing it. Is it a good investment?? Let me know,it a beautiful watch,

  • Al

    Just read my post from a few days ago, bought a Mark 2 in Nam not a Mark 3…still looking for a good Mark 3 though…am sendin my recent purchase (mark 2) for restoral…great watch.

  • Patrick

    I have a Omega Automatic Speedmaster Mark III ST 176.002 that I want to sell if I receive a good price

  • Randy

    I own a Mark III that I received a gift in 1982 and I am interested in selling it.



  • jorge

    i’m interested in buying a speedmaster mark III (the same as the above picture). Anybody know price and where can i get it? many thanks.

  • I’m interested in buying a speedmaster mark III. Anybody do own it ? Thanks a lot.

  • nicola

    Hi all…i have a seamaster mark 3 which my father gave me.He was in the navy and he got it in about the 1970’s.My mum remembers it and said its an anniversary edition.The sapphire glass face is chipped and scratched as he used it on the submarines and the clasp is broken.i still have the box which is a bit broken inside where the watch is suppose to sit.I am interested in selling it if anyone is interested.

    kind regards

  • Marty

    I know this thread is a few years old but if you’re still interested in selling the watch I’m interested in buying it. I live in Chicago.