Jacob the Jeweler, king of bling, got sued by Cartier. In short, Jacob the Jeweler bought Cartier watches without ice (diamonds) and iced them all by himself. Cartier doesn’t like it when people modify their watches ofcourse, especially not when only the gold versions of their watches are originally studded with diamonds. Icing the stainless steel versions, make the watch a lot cheaper ofcourse. According to Cartier, these watches “cannot properly be called ‘Cartier’ watches”.

You can read the full story here.

Actually, I really think that no one will care about this except Cartier. Cartier is sooooo 1988. 🙂

Picture by someone, via Google
Rapper Wyclef Jean with his iced-out watch. Do these guys have no taste at all?

Source: Europastar

  • Bas

    What’s next? Mercedes Benz suing people who tune their car and then sell it, saying it’s a tuned Mercedes? What’s going to happen to the MTV show “pimp my ride”?

    I think this is very simple. When I buy a watch, it’s my watch. If I want to ice it, I ice it. If want I sell it, I sell it.

    ps: actually wearing these watches should be considerd a crime 🙂

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    I think you are right. For example: I don’t think you have any Mercedes guarantees if you have your Mercedes at an unofficial (other than Brabus or AMG) tuned. So if your engine goes broke within the warranty-period it is your loss. However, Mercedes surely isn’t sueing all unofficial Benz-tuners.

    Sueing Cartier is over the top, and the same goes for wearing iced Cartiers anyway 🙂

  • georges

    horrible watch but I am not astonished of the bad taste of some people.

  • RH

    The person desiring a watch like this places himself exactly where he thinks he needs to be. Or rather, where we’ve indicated he or she should want to be. If we (as a group) had not been “informed” that diamonds have “value”, who (other than people who make saw blades for example) would desire them? It’s all a myth folks. And the implosion of our democratic ideals. RH.