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Interview With Lebois & Co Entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick

Robert-Jan Broer
March 06, 2015
Interview With Lebois & Co Entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick

A few weeks ago we introduced the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date and Lebois & Co’s Kickstarter crowd funding project. Their project is live for 3 weeks now, so another 8 days to go till their funding deadline.

We talked to Lebois & Co entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick about their experiences in the first few weeks:

“The first week was like a roller coaster. Time flew by after our project went live. Questions from the press and potential backers, comments and wishes. It really makes this watch project feel like a big event and gave us a ‘kick-start’ indeed.”

What do you like most about the campaign so far?

“The contact with (potential) backers and their sincere enthusiasm is absolutely the most amazing part. Watch enthusiasts see it is a unique opportunity to contribute to the revival of the Lebois & Co brand. It reminds us that we are not only trying to raise funds or trying to sell a watch, but that we are building relationships that will hopefully last a life time. Also, we are very happy to let backers choose their own serial number (between 1 and 100 because this Re-launch Edition is limited to 100 pieces only). This was a great idea raised by backers right at the start and we said “Yes!”. We received positive feedback on this decision. Everyone has one or two numbers that are personal and special to him or her and it is simply great to have it engraved on the back of your watch.”

Are there any negative things you experienced?

“Actually not. We received one or two e-mails from people that didn’t like the watch but we didn’t see that as a negative thing. It pushes us to listen closely to watch enthusiasts and see what we can do differently in the future. Of course we are happy that most people do like the watch we made!”

The funding deadline is 8 days away and I see that you are at about 80% funded. Do you think you will get funded successfully?

“We think 80% in just a few weeks time is a perfect result. We are still talking to potential backers daily and for the last 10 days we have some great marketing ready so we are very positive about achieving our goal!”

Final question; would you mind sharing your pledge graph with us?

“Sure! Here it is:”

Pledge diagram of Lebois & Co's Kickstarter project

More information (and pictures) about Lebois & Co and their crowd funding project can be found here. It is not to late to become a backer!


Robert-Jan Broer
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