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Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date 3rd Re-launch Edition – The Finest and Most Accurate Watch Yet!

Robert-Jan Broer
March 02, 2017
Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date 3rd Re-launch Edition – The Finest and Most Accurate Watch Yet!

If you are a frequent reader of Fratello Watches, this recently revived 80 years old brand doesn’t need much introduction. Lebois & Co is now getting ready for their 3rd and last Re-launch edition. Basically your last opportunity to get with the program, before Lebois & Co will come up with a new collection.

Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date 3rd Re-launch Edition

To celebrate the rebirth of Lebois & Co, founders Tom and Eveline decided to come up with three different AvantGarde Date models, each limited to 100 pieces. We have covered the first two editions many times here (click here for an overview). Not because Tom and Eveline are nice people (they are though), but we also truly believe in their watches. We gave one away to our readers a few months ago, and we reviewed their first re-launch edition, with satin white dial.

The satin white version is almost sold out, only very few pieces left. The blue version is a good seller as well, but also quickly drying up. Now, if you missed out on those, or waited on purposes on the black dial version, now is the time. We’ve also been told that people who ordered a specific number of the first two watch (or at least one of them), are now also able to ‘reserve’ the corresponding number of the black dial version. Some people indeed have the satin white and blue version already, in corresponding numbers.

So, what is different this time?

You might already have noticed that – besides the dial color – also the straps changed. From the genuine alligator  and NATO straps to these nice brown and black buffalo straps. The contrasting brown buffalo strap looks really good in our opinion.

Lebois & Co 3rd Re-Launch Edition

Turning the watch around, you will find – for the first time – a transparent caseback on the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date. The previous two models had a stainless steel caseback with special engraving. For this third and final episode, Lebois & Co chose to have a transparent caseback fitted. Because here is the ‘main’ difference perhaps, the movement of the 3rd Re-launch edition is now a Top Grade Sellita SW200-1 movement instead of the ETA2824-2. Normally, the SW200-1 and ETA2824-2 are (almost) identical, but you can get these movements in different type of ‘finishes’. The Top Grade finished SW200-1 is more interesting to observe through a transparent caseback than a standard ETA2824-2. The SW200-1 caliber is decorated with Geneva stripes (or ‘Côtes de Genève’), perlage finish and blued screws. The movement has been adjusted in 5 positions and is accurate within +/- 4 seconds per day on average. It is therefore also the most accurate Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date watch up to date.

Lebois & Co 3rd Re-Launch Edition

Of course, like always, the watch comes in a beautiful black leather box with an extra compartment for the warranty card, extra strap and changing tool.

Delivery Diner

Interesting to note is that founders Tom and Eveline will host a diner when the watches that have been ordered by backers via Kickstarter will be delivered. The last times, this took place in Amsterdam. With clients from all over the world, some were even willing to travel all the way down here. For the next ‘delivery diner’, the location has not been decided upon yet. However, it is a very nice gesture to treat the first buyers of the Avantgarde Date 3rd Re-launch edition with a diner.

Team Lebois – Tom and Eveline

Your Last Chance

As written above, this 3rd Re-launch edition will also be the last watch of the trilogy. Limited to 100 pieces only, and with the black dial and visible Top Grade SW200-1 movement, I think this will be a quick seller.

The higher grade movement also means that the watch is priced a tad bit higher than the previous two Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date models, but only by 100 Euro (after the Kickstarter project, it will be available for 1800 Euro). However, and that is the good news, the Kickstarter backing price will be the same as for the other models, 975 Euro.

You can get a hold of the watch for 975 Euro via Kickstarter. Afterwards, you can order it directly via the Lebois & Co website. The Kickstarter campaign just started, is already on approx. 33% with still 20 days to go. Make it happen.




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