Some years ago, a watch brand successfully ran a similar campaign, allowing customers to become a shareholder of the company. This strategy is not to be confused with the crowd-funding model as seen on sites like Kickstarter. In those instances, you pledge to fund a specific project. Kickstarter is what Lebois & Co used to get its first watches produced and now the Dutch-based outfit is working hard on establishing a proper brand.

To me, that’s added value to “just” a Kickstarter campaign. After you helped to fund the production of a watch, there’s often silence until you get the final watch in hand. In some cases, there will be another watch announced from the initiative takers, but often it becomes quite quiet while the responsible brands beaver away behind the scenes.

By establishing a brand, you can offer your customers a go-to place where they can ask questions, but, more importantly, for repair and service. An established watch brand also means there are serious plans for new and more watches to come. Lebois & Co’s founder Tom van Wijlick always kept us involved with his ideas and preferred direction. He wants to establish a serious watch brand that will stand the test of time. His aim was never to just produce one watch but to combine his passion for watches with managing a business.

Lebois & Co and Eureeca

To establish a company, funds are needed. Tom van Wijlick and his team decided to use the Eureeca platform. This is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows you, the potential investor, to purchase shares in a company like Lebois & Co. Besides owning shares (starting at $500USD), you will not only be treated to more favorable conditions when purchasing a Lebois & Co watch, but the design team will also involve you in the development of the brand’s future watches.


In the past, Lebois & Co had three successful Kickstarter projects, with a total raised amount of approximately €190,000. Additionally, €100,000 was raised thanks to fans and private investors. This resulted in the Avantgarde watches and the Venturist watch with special Chronometer+ certification. For the Eureeca project, Lebois & Co shares its roadmap for its upcoming watches. Included are a new Lebois & Co chronograph, based on a historical piece, a new variation of the Venturist watch, and, of course, the Airain Type 20 Chronograph we briefed you about the other week.


What happens with your investment? That is certainly a valid question. Establishing a watch brand doesn’t come cheap. There is a website to develop. Someone has to run on-line and off-line marketing campaigns. Finding skilled staff is never easy. And, on top of that, you also have to set-up a distribution model.

A full overview is given on their page on the equity crowdfunding platform. You can pre-register on their website to become an investor. This is not a financial commitment yet but will give you access to the upcoming crowdfunding round. Go to the Lebois & Co page on Eureeca by clicking here.