Our friends from Lebois & Co are very eager to start with their 2nd version of the Avantgarde Date (click here for specs), with stunning blue dial. With only few days left to finish the funding process via Kickstarter, let’s ask co-founder Tom van Wijlick a few questions.

This is your second Kickstarter campaign. How does it compare to the first one? Does it feel different?

We were very curious about this as well. Before this current Kickstarter went live we thought it would feel different, not as exciting as the first project. But the very opposite is true! That roller coaster feeling we felt last year was back from the moment we pushed the publish button! That was a big, positive surprise.

Are there any returning backers from your first campaign?

Yes, from the moment that our first watch was delivered to the backers of our previous campaign we got several e-mails from backers to claim the same number for this version. We suspect there are a some backers that want to collect all three Re-launch Editions and love the fact that they want to support us again.

Tom van Wijlick - Lebois & Co
After this you promised a third (and last) Re-launch Edition. Do you already know how that will look like? And which other plans do you have?

Correct, we promised 3 Re-launch Editions and are busy figuring out how the last one will look like. We love the way the blue version came out and it will be hard to surpass but we are determined to do so. We already have some ideas but for now it will remain a surprise.. Besides the 3rd Re-launch Edition we are slowly looking into another model with a different complication. No details yet but we’ll get back to you when the time is right 😉

Your new project is 63% funded with 6 days to go for your campaign. Do you think this project will get funded successfully?

We still have some fundraising to do but we are very positive. For the final week we have some additional online marketing lined up and Lebois & Co will be featured in a printed magazine for the very first time which is quite exciting!

Visit the Kickstarter project page now!