A few weeks ago I’ll already wrote that Lebois & Co was about to start the 2nd campaign on Kickstarter for their Avantgarde Date watch: the 2nd Relaunch edition, limited to 100 pieces only.

From now on you can become a backer on Kickstarter for the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date 2nd Relaunch, with a beautiful sapphire blue dial.

Kickstarter Lebois & Co

I asked the founders of today’s Lebois & Co watch company why they seek out for Kickstarter’s funding mechanism, as – to be honest – there’s today a bit too much watch stuff going on there. However, the reason for Lebois & Co to use Kickstarter again is simple: the first campaign was a huge success and gave them a lot of exposure for both the revived Lebois & Co brand as for the watches. Regarding the watches, Lebois & Co loved the direct feedback from backers during the design and development process. “A real adventure!”, according to founder Tom van Wijlick.

The Lebois C0 Avantgarde Date 2nd Relaunch edition will feature a sapphire blue dial. The previous version, with a satin white dial, which we reviewed here, was a process of going back and forth with the backers regarding the exact color of the dial. I can underline this, as I’ve seen several prototypes with slightly different dials. For the 2nd Relaunch edition, they’ve decided to go with sapphire blue and till now the feedback is very positive and it was quickly decided upon to go with this particular blue dial.

Kickstarter Lebois & Co

For this Kickstarter project, Lebois & Co also came up with a new gift for backers. A high quality rollerball pen made by the German Waldmann Writing Instruments. If you’re into pens, you should be familiar with this company. Just like the funding procedure of the first Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date, backers are being invited to get their watch on location and have a diner with the founders and other backers. “Sharing the experience, adventure and getting to know the people behind the backing is a huge part of the fun.”, says Tom van Wijlick.

Backing for a watch starts at €975 Euro but you can also pledge for less and receive the Lebois & Co pen by Waldmann. Click here for the Kickstarter campaign on the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date 2nd Relaunch Edition. All details of the watch can be found here.