The power reserve display of the Circularis shows the essence of MeisterSinger watches

MeisterSinger makes single-hand watches. A single long hour hand is all that’s needed to read the time accurately to five minutes at a glance.

The Circularis Power Reserve, which debuted at Baselworld, features another hand that doesn’t display the time, but rather precisely how much longer the watch will run until it needs to be rewound.

Digits and power reserve hand of the Circularis in steel-gray are golden, the white hour hand is superluminova coated

Power reserve displays have a long tradition in watchmaking. The first were developed for ship chronometers, reminding the crew to rewind this vital navigational aid in time.

The arched display of the Circularis has the same function. With a single hand-winding, the two barrels of the MSH02 movement – developed for MeisterSinger – store enough energy for 120 hours of precise running. This potential is also practical, as mechanisms lose accuracy as their power reserves wane. Winding by hand – a loving ritual for many people – is therefore not necessary every day for the Circularis, and for exactly this reason, it’s not a problem if the wearer forgets to do so. With its large power reserve display, the wearer has a clear overview – and a complication that is full of MeisterSinger character.

Every detail of the display is in line with the MeisterSinger’s aesthetic principles: As hours are always displayed on the dial in two digits – reminiscent of technical measuring instruments –the power reserve not shows the prevalent “Up” and “Down,” but instead in concrete terms: “0H” to “120.” The hand is a small copy of MeisterSinger’s typical needle-thin hour hand. It simply takes ten times as long for it to cross the 120-hour segment as one rotation of its “big brother.”

The MSH02 is an extension of the 2014 developed MSH01 movement.

Extensive changes to the MSH01 movement were required in order to implement the unusual design of the power reserve display. The first mainspring barrel is being wound via its drum, the drum of the second barrel provides power to the movement. A differential determines and shows the difference in the rotations. The result is an indication that meets the aesthetic and functional standards one expects of a MeisterSinger.

The “Circularis Power Reserve” with date is available in four versions, each featuring an ideally selected color combination of indices, dial, single hand, and alligator leather wrist strap. The versions with the black and the steel-gray sunburst dials feature superluminova on their hands and hour markings, whereas the hands of the ivory-colored model and the new opaline white version are blued. The appliques of all four versions are designed with a glossy finish and stand out from the dial in contrasting white, gold, or blue.

With the Milanaise bracelet, the black Circularis power reserve gets an even sportier look

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