Together with our sister publications and Watch-Insider (run by Alexander Linz) we had a little raffle going on for a beautiful MeisterSinger watch, a beautiful blue dialed Adhaesio model. There were two questions that needed a correct answer; We wanted to know what time – besides home time in Berlin – the Adhaesio was indicating (you could choose from New York, Beijing and Brisbane); We wanted to know which church clock was also indicating time with just one hand (you could choose from St. Lamberti in Münster, Westminster Abbey in London and the Notre-Dame in Paris). Did you guess it right?

Win a MeisterSinger Adheasio

The one-hand MeisterSinger Adheasio: Two time zones and the date

Well, the first answer should have been New York. The difference of 6 hours could be read using the red arrow indicating the 2nd time zone on the center disc (5 o’clock, not 17:00!). The second answer could be found using the MeisterSinger website (or Google) and you’d be finding out that the correct answer should have been the Westminster Abbey in London. If you had both answers correct, the €2398 Euro MeisterSinger Adhaesio was in reach!

Over 1300 readers played along and 47% of them knew the correct answers. Well, one of them is the lucky bird and won the MeisterSinger Adhaesio timepiece: Uwe Woiczikowski aus Hoppegarten, Germany (did you know that Germany is the #3 origin of our visitors?). He mailed: “Das ist der Hammer” followed by the fact that this new watch will enhance his modest but fine watch collection. He loves complications.

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A big thank you to our German colleague Melanie Feist of for taking care of the raffle.