A few months back, I had a chance to review an Orient wrist watch and I was pretty amazed by the quality and accuracy of this Orient watch. Now, Orient USA is giving away one of their automatic watches to a lucky reader of FratelloWatches.

Although the watch pictured above is the one Orient is giving away this time at FratelloWatches, the CEM75001B and CEM65002D are two of Orient’s diver watches really worth checking out as well. The give away watch is a 37mm dressy time piece with a day/date feature. The cool sunburst dial colour really makes it stand out from the crowd. This great three star Orient watch is a great daily watch with its 50 meters of water resistance and a power reserve of 40 hours.

To be able to win this watch, there are only two requirements:
– leave a comment with a valid e-mail address;
– you need to be a US resident (will make up soon for all non-US residents with another cool Italian give away!!);

Let me know what you think of Orient watches in the comments and the one above could be yours! A winner will be picked on the 6th of August and the watch will be shipped for free to your US address.

  • Their dive watches are very cool – esp the Maco on bracelet.

  • Thomas C Knueppel

    I really like this Orient watch and the sunburst dial color really makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Marcel

    I love my own Orient Star rose gold watch as well. Great watch with great finishing. An example of the great Japanese watch making.

  • Very cool, great contest, thanks!

  • Jeff

    I’ve always liked the look of Orient watches and just bought my first one recently.
    To me, they’re like Seikos – reliable, well-designed and affordable, but I think Orient watches tend to be more unique and attractive. Love the bronze dial on this one. Great giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  • Austin

    the first watch I ever bought was an Orient Semi-Skeletonized. Great Brand, Awesome Value.

  • Jack Burton

    Very clean and elegant looking watch amongst an industry that can produce those too complicated for a day-to-day or watch that accents an outfit rather than overpower it.

  • Stan

    Good idea for a contest.

  • Jack

    Very cool watch

  • Mark

    Looks like nice watch to me!

  • Mike

    Beautiful time piece. Wouldn’t mind showing this thing off to all my friends.

  • Francis

    To me, Orient watches are the most interesting choice of affordable mechanical watches, produced by a true watch manufacturer – where the movement to the final execution of the timepiece is all accomplished in-house.

  • Frank M

    Really nice watch. Would love to add one to my collection.

  • Elliott

    Have a few Orients like them all.

  • Karl

    Good quality for the price

  • Lexcen

    Great blog!!

  • Dan

    Great watch and contest!

  • Randy

    Very nice watch. I own 2 Orient’s and I absolutely love them. They are great watches and a great value wholeheartedly recommend the brand.

  • Patman

    I’ve thought Orient watches have a clean and classy look to them – and wouldn’t mind adding one to my collections!

  • Kinz

    I’m in, would love a new Orient!

  • steven serrano

    Must be honest, I never owned a Orient watch however, I do like the design of many of the models and the price point. You should not have to take out a loan to buy a good watch.

  • Will Eagle

    I like the sunburst dial, it has a retro luxury feel, and the metal bracelet has a warm tone that matches the face nicely.

    I also like the sapphire blue of the Orient CEM65002D (http://bit.ly/cXNWGW)

  • akapoor

    Nice watch.

  • Adam

    This is a very cool watch from a very underappriated company

  • marc

    WIN! great contest idea.

  • Isaac

    Thank you for this contest! is really a nice watch

  • Mark

    Gorgeous watch, would look better on my wrist 🙂

  • Ryan

    Nice looking watch; I like the style of most Orient watches including this one.

  • Benny Z

    Lovely piece!

  • I have been so close to buying this watch for ages. I love orient, and i really like this site.

  • Doug

    Awesome – I love Orient!

  • I proudly own 2 Orient automatics. They are excellent watches!

  • I proudly own 2 Orient automatics. They are excellent watches for the price!!!

  • Steve

    All three are nice, classic watches. The one above is definitely the most conservative while still being a cool everyday watch.

  • Michael

    Orient does make nice watches. I’m very happy with my Mako.

  • Jon

    Very cool watch and contest. Orient seems pretty cool, they offer pretty nice timepieces at very affordable prices.

  • Eric W

    This would be great. Thanks for the contest!

  • Paul

    I’ve seen Orient for years. This watch is the coolest so far!!!

  • Aron

    please sign me up!

  • pretty good!

  • Adam

    I do like the look of their Mako diver.

  • James McNally


  • Bruce

    pas la peine

  • Chris

    Orient watches are great. I’ve got two and would love another one!! Thanks Fratello!

  • Chris

    Orient watches are great!! I have two and would love another! thanks Fratello!

  • Steve Peterson

    Nice looking watch.

  • The watch is very nice, however, I have already got a VC overseas. I think the two are clashed with each other. May it to a elegant owner just like itself. 🙂

  • ken

    I love Orient watches so much that they have become essential components of my time machine.

    As you all can imagine, accuracy is everything when it comes to traveling in time – arriving at your destination one second later or earlier can have disastrous effects on the space-time continuum. Errors such as these can spawn innumerable paradoxes and alternate realities, severely damaging reality as we know it.

    In my travels, I’ve made gifts of Orient watches to such figures as Napoleon Bonaparte, Nikola Tesla and Lord Horatio Nelson. These great men all marveled at the quality and craftsmanship inherent in these fine timepieces.

    Unfortunately, my supply of Orient watches is dwindling dangerously low and I require at least one more for my upcoming trip to 16th Century Japan. Emperor Go-Yōzei has expressed an interest in all things western and has promised me hand of his beautiful daughter, Princess Shōkō, if I can deliver unto him an object of uncompromising beauty and grace.

    Please, help make my time travel adventures complete by awarding me with this wonderful watch. All of history awaits your decision.

  • MJ

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  • KP

    Cool, nice watch!

  • This watch is great looking, and i love the divers too, they look like the old Tag 1000 series

  • Alex

    I like

  • Brian O’Sh

    Very cool. Sunburst dial is sporty looking.

  • Jimmy Margulies

    Very nice– I would be glad to win it

  • This watch is sick.

  • Eric

    Love this thing!! Give it to me please! 🙂

  • Aaron

    I love the sunburst dial color. Really makes the watch standout.

  • Christopher

    I look forward to the European raffel…. Man, I love watches 🙂

  • Jeff Wilder

    Nice watch. Still haven’t picked up an Orient and this would be a nice addition.

  • Jeff Wilder

    Very nice Orient.

  • Larry

    What a great watch to give that “other”watch some more time in the winder.

  • Charles

    This watch has a clean no-nonsense design that is practical for every-day use. Very interesting!

  • mujahid7ia

    This is a cool, simple design

  • anthony

    Very nice watches!

  • Michael

    I have heard good things about Orient watches but have not had the chance to see one.

  • Max P

    Always liked Orients and have been planning on getting one soon. Bonus that it’s an automatic! Nice color too.

  • Justin Kruger

    What’s the history behind the crest?

  • Vincent

    Nice watch would not mind ownening one.

  • awesome – just wish the internal color was darker.

  • Andrew Shapiro

    Nice. I especially like the sweep secondhand. I love the fact that it’s automatic.

  • jay


  • jay

    great watch

  • Jim

    Really love this watch

  • Yordanka

    I like Orient brand and especially the good price/quality ratio.

  • Vladimir Penev

    The watch shown above is nice and sample for everyday use. I am happy so see such a good reviews here. Orient was one of my first really nice watches. Unfortunately it was accidentally broken long time ago.

  • Petar

    Nice and clean. Orient.

  • Vladimir

    I like the ORIENT watches. They are affordable for the build quality and design.

  • Yana

    Looks great. I like the dial color. Will be nice to see this watch on my hand.

  • james

    Great watch

  • james

    love the dial

  • D J

    Awesome watch! Love that a watch is heralded for it’s characteristics and ability to complete the job at hand.

  • Great watch that has fantastic accuracy. The watch has a very classy look to it that I am sure would be commented on at events.

  • Jim Allison

    That’s a very unique color face. I’d love to have that as a start of my collection!

  • BW

    Really like the dial.

  • A very nice watch. Exclusive and luxury look and feel. Great to win or buy :-). All good luck. Watch2watches

  • tad

    It has timeless style without looking boring.

  • zwheat

    Orient’s are great watches — this one would be a great addition to any collection.

  • The watch is okay, but they have much nicer ones on their website. Could you make sure the European freebee is a divers watch please RJ….!

  • chris winterbottom

    One of the sharper Orient watches. Class with function

  • Eric Feld

    New to the wonderful world of Watches, Orient watches have a great style and look not to mention are proving to be quality timepieces. This would be a pleasure to wear.

  • Mike

    Simple is good.

  • ChrisE

    I have the yellow dial Orient Mako and absolutly LOVE it. It is the most accurate automatic watch out of the four that I own. And Orients looks are just killer in my opinion. This great looking time piece will look outstanding on my wrist. Sure hope I win!!

  • Jeff Shelton

    I am not familiar with this company, but will keep an eye out for them from now on.

  • shawnP

    Gorgeous watch. Very sophisticated. Love it.

  • Jirair

    Nice looking watch. Have Orient Calendar model automatic and works fine for years. Orient seems to be durable and does not require much maintenance.

  • Joseph Congelosi

    Wow!! What a beautiful watch!! Simply timeless design!!

  • Randy

    Wow. I love my Orient Mako. Its the most reliable and accurate automatic I have.

    Hope I have a decent shot at winning.

  • Craig Bennett

    Got in on this one a bit late, but hopefully still before the drawing.. Like the design of the orient watches, price point is unbeatable for a reliable automatic movement, would be a good daily wear watch for work and relaxing. Thanks for the opportunity to win- Craig

  • alex Belelotti

    great watch for the price.

  • Vladimir

    Dear Friend!
    I’m an owner of my old Orient watch. I’m using my watch a many years.
    I never fixed it. All what I had to do was this.
    I changed the dial and hands because after a long time
    the special paint became weak and I could not see the time in a dark.
    And one more thing I had to do. When I got this watch, the accuracy was about 15 sec per day.
    I found the way how to adjust accuracy without any special tools. I mean, I can adjust the length of pendulum spring very easy, even in microns. My watch runs now with accuracy about 3-4 sec per week. I could bring it down to zero, but I did not do it, because in a summer time the watch runs a little slower and in a winter time it runs a little faster. When I say “a little”, I mean a couple of seconds. If somebody’s watch does not have a high accuracy, the owner can not see the difference between cold and hot conditions for the watches. Somebody does not care about accuracy at all, but I do.
    That’s why I did it.
    The watch you shown looks very nice.
    The color and style of the dial, nice looking hands, everything is just great. It is classic style watch.
    Everybody wants it.
    I appreciate the Orient Company for making high quality watches!
    Sincerely, Vladimir

  • Wclark2

    very sharp looking unique watch

  • Zane Kratos

    I think these watches are very nice i would love to have one more nicer then a Rolex

  • nate

    While I don’t own an orient watch yet, their deals look really tempting for new watches.  I may wait for the holidays, if I don’t win this one.  These are nice, and well respected watches, and I look forward to owning one.

  • Samanmalik

    i love the design of watch & i want to win it at any cost.

  • William Dupree

         I like manual watches which display fine craftsmanship, but I also like fine watches that display both technology and craftsmanship.  I think that the Orient’s dive watches display both fine craftsmanship and engineering
    which makes them a unique addition to anyone’s watch collection displaying the highest quality and engineering in watch making.  To have one of these watches is truly owning a piece of exquisite watchmaking.

  • Dannyboymuzik

    These watches seem to have great style and great options on them I would definitely rock one of these amazing watches cuz I am a watch fanatic lol but hey great product

  • jasmine425

    I really want to win this watch. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a couple of month now and I want to do something special for him. He always wanted a watch but didn’t have the money to afford it. This gift will mean so much for me and him.

  • jasmine425

    this watch is so hot. I really want it for my boyfriend. He don’t have a watch this will be a perfect gift for him

  • jasmine425

    please pick me I really want to win