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Without going into the long-lasting dispute about who is a journalist, who is a blogger, and which of this two is better (like it matters) we tried to find out about a  more interesting topic: what are the personal favorite watches of watch editors and which timepieces would they purchase when having unlimited resources. In the next coming weeks (every other Monday) we will bring you some of the biggest names from the world of watch editors, both acclaimed authors with an impressive track-record and new-age digital-world bloggers, who re-shape(d) journalism as we know it today.

So without further ado, here is the second “Watch Editor’s Picks”, featuring watch journalist Louis Nardin.

Who are you?

I am Louis Nardin. And yes, same name as the brand: Ulysse was my direct ancestor. But – and that was for the best! – the family sold the company to a group of investors leaded by the fantastic Rolf Schnyder in 1982. And thanks to his work, and his team work too of course!, Ulysse Nardin is again one of the most significant brands of the high-end market.

LN PortraitI didn’t choose to write about watches, and, to be frank, watchmaking was like distant for me. But I grew up in La Chaux-de-Fonds. And every square meter of this city has been connected to watches for ages. So, I can say that maybe I was just not conscious to be so close to it. I have been introduced to them by the  major journalist Michel Jeannot – WtheJournal – who thaught me everything I needed to venture into this world. Two years later, I became Editor in Chief and Content Manager of the website Worldtempus, which has been a boosting and fantastic experience. I got in touch with journalists and press people from all over the world. There is no bigger treasure than that. And, after 3 years, we decided, my wife and myself, to travel for 10 months around the planet. If you dream of doing the same, don’t hesitate! You have to physically go to the places you really want to know. Back home, I started working with Marc-André Deschoux as Editor in chief of The, first webtv about high watchmaking. But I am also an independent journalist working for Watch Around or the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie’s Magazine, as well as managing a personal project, always about watches, of course!

What’s your ordinary writer’s day?

There is no ordinary writer’s day for me because of my various activities. Nevertheless, when I have to write, let’s say that I wake up at 6h45 to jump into the shower and meditate when possible. Then, the latest at 8am, I am in front of my Macbook Air with clear ideas, and sometimes not. Then it is a game between ideas, information in books, in notes and on the web that starts. I like to spend time on Facebook too to check what colleagues publish about watches. I can’t really write for hours, but if my concentration is good, I can be as efficient as creative, which, to me, is the best mix to write properly.

What’s your favorite watch to wear (and why)?

My favorite watch is an Omega Speedmaster limited edition for Japan (2004). I love its funky grey dial with the flashy orange indexes and central second. Actually, I didn’t choose it. I received it from my wife for our wedding and it has been a stunning surprise for me. I keep it preciously of course and love to wear it, but not all the time to keep the pleasure intense.

speedyorangeWhat’s your holy horology grail?

Tricky question actually. I would say that I want people to love watches for good reasons. The brand is important, yes, the product too, or course. But my holy horology grail would be that the man from the street gets introduced to this world, becomes passionate about it, and takes part in this global tribe that loves this unique mix between technique and beauty that is a beautiful watch. Watches must be like perpetually “reinvented” to fit the needs and the way of living of each new generation. And because watchmakers will of course always make us dream with their work, it is crucial to share it with a maximum of people.

What is your best advice for a beginner collector with a 1500 Euro budget?

Play it safe. Ask for a significant brand, well-established, well-known, with a perfect after-sale service. Don’t go for too complex models as you could get bored. Choose instead a classical and simple model that you will always like to pick up and put on your wrist. And finally, ask for advices but choose alone. Take your time too, and allow yourself to fall in love with it. And if you ask for names, I would quote  Longines, Frédérique Constant, or Seiko.