The Adhaesio shows the two zone times in different ways: For the first – characteristic of MeisterSinger watches – one single hour hand moves around the dial, taking 12 hours to complete one full round. The second time is displayed on a disk, which takes 24 hours to rotate once, thereby moving half as quickly as the hand. At first glance, the mechanical principle it is based on appears quite simple: The additional hour wheel on which the 24-hour disk sits is connected to the “normal” hour wheel via a spring wheel with a gear ratio of 2:1, thus running at half speed.

Win a MeisterSinger AdHaesio

Win this MeisterSinger AdHaesio!

In order to set the desired zone time, however, the synchronism must be interrupted. This is enabled by a friction contact of the spring wheel, thanks to which the hour disk can be moved independently from the hand. For this purpose, the Adhaesio’s large disk requires very meticulous balancing as an additional hand, as even the slightest tilt would impair the functioning of the watch. The base is a Swiss automatic caliber of utmost quality, the flat 2893-2. Its high-quality components and precise manufacturing guarantee the Adhaesio’s constantly exact and reliable functioning, despite its complexity.

You can win the blue dial version of the MeisterSinger Adhaesio, worth EUR 2.398,-, by participating in this competition!

How? The only thing you have to do is answering the following two questions! Deadline for entries is October 22nd 2015.

Win a MeisterSinger Adhaesio

The one-hand MeisterSinger Adhaesio: Two time zones and the date

  1. The dial of the Adhaesio is showing time in which locations? Germany and …
    1. New York
    2. Beijing
    3. Brisbane
  2. Which famous church clock indicates time with only one hand?
    1. Lamberti – Minster
    2. Westminster Abbey – London
    3. Cathedral Notre-Dame – Paris

A little hint! The following Link supports you by answering on the second questions:

Update 23/10: Competition Ended! Thanks for joining!