A few years ago it all started with episode #1. Today is a special one. Episode number 50!

In some kind of way it feels like a victory! In all honesty, I never thought I could create 50 tongue-in-cheek illustrations, especially for watch lovers. But here we are and I still have a list of new ideas.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of this episode. I could create another watch or WIS term, but I decide to zoom in on a certain emotion: The feeling when you acquire a new watch.

Conan by Watches and Pencils

In some way we all feel a bit like Conan when we just bought a new watch:

  • You feel strong
  • You feel like you’ve just conquered a new area in the world of watches
  • You are ready to battle with other watch foes
  • You are ready to present your latest powerful weapon to other watch enthusiasts

Of course, these emotions could be similar to those when you buy a new car, fancy sneakers, or whatever makes you happy. When it’s related to something you are passionate about, the feeling is always strong. In our case: watches.

First watch brings the most joy

The first watch has the biggest impact and probably gives you the most joy. Perhaps this is not always applicable: when linked to certain key moments in life, any watch can be precious to you. For example, I bought a watch when I married. This wasn’t my first watch, but might be one of my most important watches. Also, sometimes the road to acquire a watch can be so long that it can feel like you’re Conan fighting Thulsa Doom (you should know this, but here is the link to all the details).

Tudor Pelagos: my ‘wedding’ watch

Watch Adventures

While you’re strolling through the tunnels of the Watchtastic Internet or gather with other watch wizards during secret meetings in Watch Castles you are prepared for more adventures. During these events, you encounter new watches. Oftentimes for me, those events form a starting point.

Always Keep Dreaming

While it’s certainly cool to acquire a new watch, I think one of the most important things is to always keep on dreaming. You probably cannot find or buy everything you would like, but it’s the passion for watches that will keep the fire burning.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me last years. You are my biggest inspiration and motivator!

Ordering a print of the Conan illustration or other cartoon prints can be done via Watchesandpencils.com

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